Watch the Chilling First Trailer for Honeyspider!

A few weeks a go the good folks behind the film Honeyspider let up take a look at some cool looking production photos. Needless to say we were pretty stoked, it was pretty apparent from the pictures that these were some serious horror film makers. At DreadWorld we waited in antici-(wait for it)-pation for the next news to trickle out of the Honeyspider camp. Luckily for us that glorious day has arrived.

As October, the greatest month of the year arrived, our inbox was indeed blessed with the greatest of treats...the first trailer to Honeyspider! Check it's a doozy...

Pretty damn cool huh? Just in case you forgot the deal with Honeyspider, lets jog your memory a bit shall we?

"Honeyspider takes place in 1989 on Halloween day and follows college student Jackie Blue as she slowly unravels, all while a mysterious stranger watches over her every move.  Soon she finds herself helplessly trapped like prey in a spider's web, and all she can do is try to survive the night!"

The film was written and produced by Kenny Caperton (owner of the infamous Myers House NC) and directed by Josh Hasty (A Mannequin in Static) of Paramount Scope. The film stars Frank Aard (the April Fool's Day remake), Joan Schuermeyer (Zombieland and Rob Zombies Halloween 2), Rachel Jeffreys, Samantha Mills (Bombshell Bloodbath) and newcomer Mariah Brown.

Even cooler is the fact that Billy Corgan of the iconic rock band The Smashing Pumpkins has generously given the filmmakers the rights to use one of his early SP tracks entitled "Honeyspider," which inspired the name of the movie. The film will also feature music from legendary music producer and singer songwriter Gary S. Paxton, who arranged and produced the original Bobby (Boris) Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers "Monster Mash" album. Now if that isn't enough to peak your interest how about some more creepy stills:


Honeyspider will also be premiering at the Gem Theater in Kannapolis, North Carolina later this month before setting out for what I;m sure is going to be a very successful festival run. Keep tabs on the film at, on Twitter, and on Facebook.

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