Tristan Risk joins Jessica Camerons 'Mania'

One of the projects we here at the DW have been most eagerly anticipating has been the triple feature road trip organized by blonde bombshell/jack of all trades Jessica Cameron. Originally set to include three films, Mania to be directed by Cameron, The Exiled, and the documentary Kill the PA, The Exiled had to be jettisoned from the docket when it became clear it would not be ready for shooting. It was replaced by Ryan M. Andrews' Desolation starring Cameron.

Still it became increasingly more and more difficult to find a leading actress for Mania. A self described "fucked up lesbian love story," many actresses interested in the project we put off by the amount of nudity in the script. Enter Tristan Risk. Already carving a sizable name for herself in the horror world after a star making turn in the Soska Twins entertaining but flawed American Mary (review HERE), Risk has accepted the challenge Mania presents. "As someone who self identifies as queer, I'm also happy to have a story where the two protagonists are two women in love, and the struggles they try to overcome together. It's a beautiful and dark story."

Joining Risk will be Ellie Church (Time to Kill) as the other half of the "two lesbian lovers forced to flee cross-country after a brutal murder changes their lives forever." Also joining he production is producer Mem Ferda, who previously worked with Cameron on her directorial debut, Truth or Dare.

Principal photography on Mania, Desolation, and Kill the PA begins November 3rd as various sites around the country determined by a campaign on You can view a map of the road trip HERE.

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