'Kingdom Come' Haunts DVD and VOD this December!

Uncork'd Entertainment and filmmaker Greg A.Sager (Devil Seed), are happy to announce the release of Kingdom Come (no it's not a biopic on the late 80's power rock group), rather it's a film described as "The Shining romances Predator." The film is set to hit DVD and various VOD systems on December 2nd. 

Directed by Sager and Written by Sager, Jeff Hart, and A. Jaye Williams and starring Ry Barrett (Antisocial review HERE), Camille Hollett-French, and Jason Martorino, Kingdom Come looks to be scaring up the DVD shlves this coming December. Check out the synopsis: "A group of strangers wake up disoriented and soon find themselves being stalked by a supernatural force with sinister intentions. As they begin to question the coincidences that link their pasts, they soon realize that the decisions they make will seal their fates forever."

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