Horror/Comedy 'Party Slashers' Launches Kickstarter Campaign!

What if your parents were right? What if all those old 80's wives tales regarding the "evils" of Dungeons and Dragons were true? Playing the game warped your mind. It made you detached from reality. And even worse...just holding the 20 sided die awoke (gasp!) evil spirits. That's the basic premise of the new horror/comedy Party Slashers, that's just started looking for funding on Kickstarter.

 The film, to be written and directed by Carl Bachmann is the culmination of years of preparation: "After developing a passion for filmmaking, I began making shoestring budget films during college. I moved to LA to begin freelancing on several film sets working as a set constructionist, sound mixer, set decorator, grip, and Assistant Director. 

Eventually I decided to step in the directors chair to produce the award-winning dark comedy/musical, "Miracle on Metal Street", which is still playing at film festivals, receiving critical acclaim.

 I want to build off that momentum to bring you all Party Slashers,  a non-stop funny and lethal adventure unlike anything you've seen before. I believe in it whole-heartedly, and I'll work tirelessly to make a reality. I've also decided to make Miracle On Metal Street available for download to backers of Party Slashers."

He's even shot a teaser trailer:

You can help the film become a reality HERE...and follow Party Slashers on your favorite social media platforms:

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