Hey Canadians...Vote For Wasted!

Canada is a weird place: moose, Molson, those lumberjacky red flannel shirts, it's a place most Americans must tread lightly. But lost in the sea of "aboots" is the fact that a great many awesome things have come from Canada: Bret "the hitman" Hart, Rush, that Montreal rub for steaks, and some real kick ass comedy. There must be something that being buried under 12 feet of snow for 11 months of the year does o your funny bone.

So it's in that vein that the CBC launched 'Comedy Coup,' a fan voted contest that, well, let the good folks at the CBC explain in their flowery best "CBC ComedyCoup gives audiences the power to help your favourite comedy show concepts and talent accelerate towards $500K in production financing to create a half-hour special for CBC prime time. For 10 weeks beginning October 2, 2014, comedy creators from across Canada will create thousands of hilarious videos, images and artwork to develop and package their projects. They advance with voting and social support from YOU! — their fans."

What does that have to do with you? Well you being the people that vote, it has a hell of a lot to do with you. And who better to support in this Canadian Comedy Contest than the hilarious ZomCom 'Wasted'. Well, no one frankly. There isn't a better show for you to support than 'Wasted.' This "zombie stoner comedy" is exactly what you've been waiting for. "Four slackers face what they have been waiting for their entire lives, the zombie apocalypse" Check out a couple of stills:

  ...and the synopsis..."The world is a big waste according to four friends who spend most of their time discussing zombies while getting drunk and high. When the dead actually do rise they must use their limited knowledge and skills to survive. Wasted breaks the rules of prime-time comedy with edgy multicultural characters and situations that pokes fun at race, religion, taboo topics, and the zombie genre itself. This show will present how they deal with the world before and during the zombie outbreak, often resorting to the past in order to face the future." 
Once again, top prize for winning the contest is a prime time special on the CBC and 500,000 (Canadian) Dollars. You can head over to the CBC site here and vote for 'Wasted' and support 'Wasted' on both Twitter  and Facebook.

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