Dario Argento takes to IndieGoGo to help fund 'The Sandman'

Last month we brought you news regarding legendary Italian horror director Dario Argentos latest project, The Sandman (read all about it HERE). Starring punk icon Iggy Pop, The Sandman, written by David Tully and based on a short story from E.T.A. Hoffmann, is set to start filming shortly, but Dario and Co would like your help! Head over to The Sandmans Indie Go Go page and check out some of the awesome donation rewards, including a chance to be a scene directed by the master of Italian horror himself, Dario Argento! But don't just listen to me...here's Iggy:

Who are you to say no to Iggy? You can get more info on the project at thesandmanfilm.com and on Facebook and Twitter...and don't forget to head over to the Indie Go Go page, check out some of the perks and throw a little dough the way of a couple of legends if you feel so persuaded.

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