Simon Barrett and Adam Wingard to Remake I Saw the Devil

2010's I Saw The Devil is one of the most talked about films to come out of Korea in the last decade.
I thought it was a little brutal and a bit too relentless. That being said, it certainly was a pretty good film and worthy of the buzz it's received.

Some pretty cool news broke today regarding an American-ized remake of the film. Simon Barrett and Adam Wingard, the writer/director team behind the tremendous A Horrible Way to Die (review HERE) and You're Next have been chosen to head up the project. Presuamable with Barrett writing and Wingard directing again. The original film told the story of one man who becomes hell bent on revenge after a serial killer slaughters his pregnant wife. It digs deep into that age old horror film trope of "How far will you go to deal with evil?"

While I'm not the biggest fan of remakes, cough...Oldboy...cough, this is one Asian film that might actually benefit from an American influence. While I enjoyed the original film, I felt that it was a little long and blunt with it's message. A more direct hand, showing a bit more restraint might actually benefit to the final product. So color me pretty damn excited for this remake. Thoughts?

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