Hudson Horror Show Presents : Tourist Trap and Tombs of the Blind Dead at the Alamo Drafthouse!

Awesome news for those of us horror fans who happen to reside in the Northeast (and the Hudson Valley in particular). The good folks behind the semi-annual Hudson Horror show, the premiere 35mm horror show in the country, have partnered with the Alamo Draft house in Yonkers, NY to bring a 35mm double feature for the ages.

On September 20th, beginning at 8pm, the tremendous double bill of Tourist Trap and Tombs of the Blind Dead will haunt the famous cinema. Tourist Trap, originally released in 1979, stars the Rifleman himself, Chuck Connors and a pre-Charlies Angels Tanya Roberts. Beautiful teenagers, wax mannequins, kinetic powers, cross dressing...Tourist Trap has everything! Not to be outdone Tombs of the Blind Dead, directed by Amondo De Ossorio features some undead Templar nights coming back for revenge. If only that had been the end of the DaVinci Code!This version of the film though is a little special, not only will it be shown in it's 35mm glory, but it's also the version of the film that was oddly re-cut and called Revenge of the Planet Ape!

You can purchase tickets from the Alamo website directly. But get them fast because word on the street is that they are going fast!

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