Here's a New Trailer for Motivational Growth Starring Jeffrey Combs!

Check out the latest trailer for Don Thackers up coming fantasy/comedy hybrid Motivational Growth. The sleeper festival hit stars horror vet Jeffrey Combs and Adrian DiGiovanni and is scheduled to be released on Blu Ray, DVD, and various VOD platforms in Canada on September 30th, with the US  releases coming via Parade Deck Films a week later on October 7th.

Here's the odd synopsis: "...Ian Foliver a depressed reclusive man in his 30's, finds himself taking advice from a growth in his bathroom following a failed suicide attempt. The Mold (Combs), a smooth talking fungus born of the filth in the neglected bathroom, works to help Ian clean himself up and remodel his lifestyle. The mold has big plans for Ian, but they may not be as innocent as they seem. A labyrinthine narrative follows, full of colorfully drawn characters and gruesome body horror."

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