Desolation Joins Jessica Camerons Cross Country Film Making Odyssey

Stick with me for a minute while I try and explain one of the most ingenious concepts in independent film making I've ever seen. Jessica Cameron, the blonde ingenue behind the award winning film Truth or Dare, has partnered with writer/producer Jonathan Scott Higgens to create three unique horror films during one cross country road trip. But this isn't any cross country filming trip, this is a cross country filming trip where YOU choose the filming locations. But more on that later. First...the films:

The first of the three films that Cameron and Co. will be a "fucked up lesbian love story" called Mania. Directed by Cameron, produced by Higgins, and starring Heather Dorff (Truth or Dare), Mania follows a manic lesbian as she goes on a cross country killing spree with her lover, and by looking at the poster, it looks like an extremely bloody one.

Desolation is the latest film to be added to the cross country filming slate (replacing Brandon Slagles The Exiled). Written and Directed by Ryan M. Andrews (S.I.C.K.) and starring Cameron and Dorff in the lead roles, Desolation warns us that "Along the back roads of America, a hitchhiker is waiting. Gorgeous, mysterious and full of sadistic rage, what chances do an unsuspecting couple have against her? Again, by the looks of the poster and those involved...not much.

And finally, if those two films are not enough, there is a third film being shot along with the two features mentioned above. Cameron and Higgins will be filming a documentary called Kill the Production Assistant that will tell the story of the unique cross country filming experience! Directed by Aaron Lane, Kill the Production Assistant, "gives audiences a chance to see a grassroots approach to film making."

Have I wet your appetite yet? Interesting little (or huge) project right. Well you (yes, YOU) can help choose what states Cameron and Co. film in during the course of their cross country journey. Simply head over to and contribute to the project. The states with the highest level of contributions (pins dropped based on $25 dollar donation increments) will see the production film in their state, amongst other tremendous benefits!
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