Witness a Succubus In the Safety of Your Own Home

Directed by Danish actor Kim Sonderholm, the short film Succubus has just come off a very successful festival run, and is now being made available for mass consumption...for FREE via Ekko's Shortlist! Here are some tantalizing stills and the synopsis:

"Emma is a young archeology student who stumbles on to something peculiar on an excavation trip to Syria. She hurries home and that's when the real nightmare starts."

Produced by Apotheosis Film, and starring blond beauty Kat Herlo as the titular character, Succubus is available now to stream HERE.

The film is in English and subtitled in Danish, so there's the added bonus of learning Danish! Or at least 16 minutes of horror themed Danish. Hot chicks. Scary. Educational. The total package! Check it out and support indie horror!

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