Tricia Lee's Silent Retreat Gets A North American Release Date

Great news for folks in North America who have been waiting to get their hands on Tricia Lee's excellent horror film Silent Retreat. Black Fawn Distributing will be releasing the DVD version of the film on September 2nd to our friends in Canada, to be followed soon by a DVD release here in the US. Those of us here in the US must be satisfied with being able to watch the film via digital means (iTunes, Amazon, Google Play etc), also in September 2nd.

"Silent Retreat tells the story of Janey Andrews (Chelsea Jenish), a troubled youth sent to a silent meditation retreat in the middle of the woods to be rehabilitated. She discovers that the Doctor (Robert Nolan) who runs the retreat is after more than just her voice, and if Janey doesn’t follow his rules, she’ll discover the terrible secret that lurks beyond the trees, and find out what happens to those who don’t embrace the silence." You can read the DreadWorld review of Silent Retreat HERE.

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