Sledge (2014)

I've written about this before, but it seems as though it's the right place to start out journey when talking about Sledge. Scream changed the way everyone, from hardcore fans to the casual movie goer looked at horror. It's meta-hybrid, funny, slick, intelligent, design forever changed what horror films could and could not get away with. Audiences were no longer satisfied swallowing the same tropes and ridiculous plot twists they had been forced to accept over the previous 15 years. In the almost 20 years since Scream was released (yeah, I feel old too), horror films, especially slasher films, have struggled with the fact that the usual plot devices have been outed and are seen as tired, uninspiring, and uninteresting. Film makers have been forced to acknowledge this, and deal with it in different ways. The rise of the "smart horror" film has led to a whole new sub-genre, one that combines the meta of acknowledging the stereotypes and the humor involved in doing so.

Many films have leaped into the newly christened horror/comedy/slasher genre, that was launched byScream (to a certain extent) and perfected by Shawn of The Dead, each one trying to strike that perfect balance between horror and humor. So many have failed where only a few have succeeded. Sledge, the sophomore feature film from writer/co-director Kristian Hanson is the latest film to try it's hand with such a difficult genre. But is it any good? Let's take a look...

The film is actually a film within a film. A ridiculously hot chick sits watching television and we are introduced to Assly, the puppet host of a late night horror television show that shows the worst of the worst of the horror genre. The film proper begins as the hot chick deals with some ex-boyfriend drama. It will remain a running theme throughout the tight 75 minute running time.

Sledge, the Assly film, begins as all great, and frankly all terrible slasher films do, with a group of twenty somethings headed off into the woods for some silly reason. This films silly reason? Camping. Standard stalk and slash rules apply to the following 65 minutes or so. Except, one thing happens in Sledge, that other horror/comedies, often miss....It's really fucking funny. In fact, I would call Sledge on of the funniest films since Shawn of the Dead.

Is there plenty wrong with Sledge? Sure. The blood is a little too orange. The dialogue is hokey and contrived. The acting is for the most part, wooden and barely passable, with a couple being downright awful. The sole exception to the mediocrity being a really good performance from Dustin Bowman as Alex, the third wheel of the obligatory love triange. Hansons killer, the masked sledge hammer wheeling Adam Lynch (Adam Green? Joe Lynch? Am I reading too much into it?), is actually hurt by the fact that he tries to be funny. A general rule for Sledge - Alex = funny, most other folks, not funny.

Still, nitpicking aside, Sledge is a pretty damn entertaining experience. It doesn't re-invent the wheel or anything, but as a quick paced 75 minute humor infused horror film, Sledge certainly fits the bill.

*** stars out of *****

As always, thanks for reading and "Enjoy every sandwich."


  1. Thank you for taking the time to watch and enjoy my film Sledge. I do appreciate it and I'm happy you enjoyed the humor and feel of the movie.

  2. personally I loved the movie , more so the second time I watched it. for a low to no budget movie its about top of the barrel for sure. the humor is what set it apart from the other low budget films absolutely it actually got it right unlike so many others have failed at like you said. in fact I might go watch it again right now lol