Hemlock Grove S:2 E:2 Gone Sis

Last Time On Hemlock Grove: Lily Taylor gets arrested. Peter needs 20,000 dollars to pay her lawyer and begs Roman for help. He's Roman...so. Instead Peter has to dupe some drug dealers out of the cash. Deciding that's not the best way to make a living, he gets a job. The rest of the usual cast of characters are back, doing what they normally do...and peeing. There was lots of peeing. Read all about it HERE.

This Time On Hemlock Grove: Romans thirst for blood leads him down some dangerous roads. He thinks about killing a hooker, but can;t bring himself to do it. He attacks her pimp/motel room instead. Olivia asks Dr. Price about Roman's state of mind. Price says Roman needs to be careful, but obviously wants him to get caught so he'll get out of his way.

But bigger things rolled into Hemlock Grove other than Doctor Price's passive aggressive reactions to Roman. That bigger thing is a new young blonde girl, this one with one of those terrible bull nose rings, for Peter and Roman to fight over, Miranda (Madeline Brewer). After getting t-boned by a
mystery truck, she's remarkably unhurt. She takes refuge for the night at Romans house. He's rather Roman about the situation. The next morning, Peters tow truck company deals with her wreck, putting her directly in the sight lines of our favorite gypsy werewolf.

He turns on the gypsy charms, she reciprocates. But still elects to spend the night at Romans house. After rebuffing Romans advances she takes a shower. he peaks in and watches. At least he didn;t rape her like he would of last season. So peeping > rape. Character progression!?

Peter meanwhile, keeps having crazy dreams about the dues in the Purge masks and some snakes. He keys in Destiny to the goings on, who of course tries to get to the bottom of the matter in the most overtly sexual way possible. This time it's by standing in a tub of water and letting a snake crawl up her vagina. Her brilliant deduction? Stop having the dreams. Thanks cousin.

Elsewhere: Norman is suing the Institute over Letha's death (remember her?)...Dr. Price is growing a naked chick in his lab...Romans kid won't shut up...the caretaker from Friday the 13th Part VI wandered on to set and stumbled upon two of the Purge mask guys doing a religious-y thing. He did not survive.

Reaction: We get another blonde for the guys to fight over (yay?). And we get the whole question of who hit her with their truck. If it was Rikishi and he "did it for the Rock," then Hemlock Grove wins the internet for the rest of time. Unfortunately, I doubt that's what's going to happen and yes, I made a 20 year old WWE reference.

This season the show seems to have figured one key thing out, at least so far. They are making it all about Roman and his story while the whole gypsy thing being relegated to second tier. Let's hope the show continues on this trajectory and doesn't fall into some of the bad habits it did last season.

It's not all wine and roses though. This episode did trip itself up on some of the pitfalls that have become maddening. Namely the whole sexual Destiny thing. It would be nice if the show could handle moving the plot along without over sexualizing the elements involved. I certainly am not against sexuality. But it has to make sense. Game of Thrones has become famous for its "sexposition" but even they have moved away from that particular plot device as the show has developed. It's time for Hemlock Grove to mature in the same way and move past things like Destiny getting fucked by a snake in front of her cousin.

That's all for me...thanks for reading and "enjoy every sandwich"

Episode 3


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