Check Out the Full Trailer for House of Manson

 It was the summer of '69. Hippie culture was in full swing. Easy Rider hit the silver screen. Bryan Adams was just a young Canadian boy kicking over a box of oranges (for some reason). It was also the summer that world learned the name Charles Manson. Infamous for instructing his cult of followers to commit multiple homicides, Manson became synonymous with evil. And like good Americans we are fascinated by evil, so Manson has become a cultural touchstone in the years since his heinous crimes.

Director Brandon Slagles (The Black Dahlia Haunting - review HERE) latest film takes a look at the life of Charles Manson, from his desire to be a rock star through the planning of the Tate-Labianca murders up until his arrest. House of Manson stars Ryan Kiser, Devanny Pinn, Tristan Risk, and Suzi Lorraine as Sharon Tate. Check out the first full trailer:

Look for House of Manson later this year.

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