The Trailer Park 7-13-2014: Doctor Who and American Horror Story:Freakshow

 Some awesome news late in a Sunday to cap off a busy weekend. Not only was there one awesome trailer for an awesome television show released today...there were actually TWO awesome trailers for awesome television shows released today.

I think it's safe to say that the hype machine for Series 8 of Doctor Who has shifted into full swing. After a couple small 12 second teasers over the last couple of months and the announcement of a multi-city world tour to promote the new series, the shackles have come off of the promotion department. Check out the season encompassing trailer released this afternoon:

Series 8 of Doctor Who premieres on August 23rd on the BBC and BBC America at 8pm.

Trailer #2 is the first look we get at the fourth season of American Horror Story, this one is subtitled "Freakshow." The series doesn't premiere until October, but the pump priming has already started, check out the teaser:

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