Line Up For Hudson Horror Show 9 Announced!

The premiere 35 millimeter Horror Festival in (dare I say it? I think I do.)...the world, is back on August 9th, 2014! After some trepidation regarding it's venue, the Hudson Horror Show is indeed back, and it's back in it's familiar location, the South Hills Mall in the Po Po (that's Poughkeepsie, NY for all of you uninitiated out there). Nomenclature silliness has ensued since the last HHS so delete all info you have on Silver Cinemas South Hills 8, and add Empire South Hills 8. But don't delete the directions, it's in the same place...basically if you hit the Poughkeepsie Galleria you've gone too far. But I digress...This installment of the HHS looks to be it's strongest yet.

Check out this line up:

From Director William Lustig we present one of the most brutal and unflinching horror films of all time, MANIAC!  You will be amazed at Joe Spinell’s riveting dual performance as both a slimy and sadistic killer and a suave ladies man. One of this websites favorite films (check out the review HERE) in spine tingling 35 millimeter...sold! 

But wait! There's more! Hudson Horror goes post apocalyptic!  Before you see the reboot/sequel, join us for a 35th Anniversary screening of the original MAD MAX!  They say people don't believe in heroes anymore, in Poughkeepsie, we’re gonna give em back their heroes!!  Sugar tits! That's right see Mel Gibson before his heart was filled with hate for everything not middle aged and white.

Wow...two great films, one tremendous double feature right? Wrong! Because not only are Maniac and Mad Max joined by the 80's classic The Burning, which features a very pre-Seinfeld Jason Alexander, but also has some "killer" effects from gore maestro Tom Savini. Joining Maniac, Mad Max and The Burning is the schlock classic Lady Terminator. Renowned for it's awfulness it's presented at HHS 9 by the B Movie Film Vault.

So four outstanding film festival at one low price. What's that? You want more? Well guess what? There IS more! This time there is not just one, but TWO mystery films that will be shown at the festival. That's right mystery films. What will they be? Jaws? Batman Forever? Fried Green Tomatoes? Well probably not...and almost definitely not the last one. Want to find out? BUY A TICKET!

Tickets for the festival shows sell out quicker and quicker every time, so make sure you head on over to to purchase tickets. As always though the film festival is not just about the films, there are also vendors selling various awesome horror related paraphernalia. So buy tickets, show up, watch some films buy some stuff. It will be awesome.

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