Here's the first footage from Survivors

Sometime last week (I don't know when, look it up. Better yet click on THIS) we brought you some awesome stills from the upcoming zombie/infected flick, Survivors. That was pretty cool, but what's better than some still pictures? How about some still pictures that move? That's what I thought. Check it the first footage from the film...

Survivors is the exciting new flick from director Adam J Spinks (The Expedition). The film stars Joanne Gale (Run FatBoy Run, Red Dwarf X), Simon Burbage (Hollyoaks, Pulp:The Movie, The Expedition) and Adrian Annis (Art Of Darkness, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Eva's Diamond). "When a biotechnology facility, Medea Corporation, began advertising for volunteers to take part in a series of pioneering medical experiments, nobody could have predicted it would end this way."

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