The Trailer Park 6/27/14

Welcome back to everyones favorite corner of white trash heaven...the all to infrequent - Trailer Park. This is where we take a quick gander at some of the more recent trailers that have caught our collective attention over here at the DW. So pull up a one of those frayed $5 WalMart lawn chairs, crack open an Old Milwaukee, and settle into another addition of....

First up this edition is the Horror/Comedy Life After Beth...and yes, I use the term "horror" n it's loosest of meanings. This one caught my interest because of Parks and Rec's Aubrey Plaza. She seems pretty cool, for about 24 minutes at a time - which happens to be the length of a Parks and Rec episode. I'm sure in real life her shtick would make you want to kill her after about an hour. But still, she's in this, along with Chest Rockwell himself, John C. Reilly, Molly Shannon and Anna "please forget I was in Twilight" Kendrick.

The second trailer that's hit the web over the last couple of days is the one for the Luke Evans (The Hobbit : The Desolation of Smaug) vehicle Dracula Untold. The film vows to tell the origin of one of horror history's most celebrated figures. After the film premiers do they have to call it Dracula Told?

And finally...because it's my column and not yours...the really big fucking teaser/trailer of the day belongs to Doctor Who. Below is the second teaser trailer for the launch of the Peter Capaldi era. Check out these 20 seconds of wonderfulness, I definitely get a Pertwee vibe from Capaldi, and there is nothing wrong with that...

The new season of Doctor Who premiers on August 23rd. All of us nerds will be rejoicing. Deal with it. Allons-y!

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