Penny Dreadful S:1 E:6 What Death Can Join Together

Last Week On Penny Dreadful: All Vanessa...all the time. Vanessa and Mina love taxidermy. Then Vanessa tries to fuck Minas brother and fails. Undaunted, she tries to fuck Minas fiance and succeeds. Hey 50 percent isn't bad. All hell breaks loose after the inappropriate fiance booty knocking. Literally. Mina disappears, her brother dies in Africa and then Vanessa fucks a demon....and the demon looks like Sir Malcolm. It was that type of week. Read all about it HERE.

This Week On Penny Dreadful: We pick up a few minutes after the episode two weeks ago. Which makes last weeks Vanessa back story episode placement even more curious. It would seem that building momentum via a continuous narrative would be something that this show would be looking for. Instead they chose to interrupt that momentum with, admittedly a very good episode, but one that could have fallen anywhere from episode two on during the season, and frankly would have benefited the show as a whole had it been earlier. Rant time to cry over spilled milk because...Sir Malcolm is angry! He's at his wits end regarding Mina, having just lost his one possible connection to her disappearance in Fenton.

He let's his anger loose on Vanessa, who is just returning from the theater where she was dumped by Dorian for Ethan. He insists she does some of her weird psychic shit. She's not too happy about it, but complies, whipping out a deck of rudimentary tarot cards. There's not much there, but she get's something about a ship or a port. It's enough for Sir Malcolm though, and he get's to work grasping at the only lead he has left.

Brona, who didn't die in the street as I had suspected she would, is safely home, but unsafely coughing her lungs out - literally. There's blood everywhere. She apologizes to a returning Ethan, who conveniently glosses over where he had spent the remainder of the previous night. She doesn't want to kiss him anymore for fear of infection. He kisses her even more. She gives him her St. Jude pendant, which he hesitantly takes.

Ethan meets up with Sir Malcolm and the big black dude to investigate a quarantined ship that came from Cairo. Ethan questions not bringing Vanessa along. Sir Malcolm tells him to mind his own business. They board the ship and quickly stumble upon some of the same prone corpses as the first episode. Much like the first episode, the corpses awaken and attack. There's lots of shooting, lots of blood, and lots of near misses for our trio of heroes. Unfortunately, a toppled lantern starts a fire awakening a vampire sleeping underneath the floor boards of the ship. The Vampire emerges, taunting Sir Malcolm with an unchanged Mina. It escapes, leaving Ethan to give his "I told you so" speech in regards to Vanessa.

She however, has other things planned, like a date with Dorian, who starts off by apologizing for leaving her at the theater the previous evening. She wears a scandalous dress with almost see through sleeves (Gasp!). They spend the dinner undressing, licking, tasting, and fucking each other with their eyes...and there was some sort of game hen. Smoothy he is, Dorian invites her home, which she accepts (like there was any doubt). They discuss music, but mostly Dorians paintings which happen to be all portraits (literary reference! Drink!) He waxes all intellectual before asking to kiss her neck. She says don't be a pussy and just do it. They start to get it on. It gets rough. She cuts him and drinks some of his blood. Then the demon voice thing starts in her head. She jumps off his dick and runs away. He heads to his forbidden closet of mystery, stares at the (still) unseen painting and heals himself.

She stumbles home, this time without fucking any strangers, and interrupts Ethans latest "I told you so" Vanessa speech. She pulls a Brandon Stark, "warging up," and floats towards the ceiling. End Episode.

Elsewhere: Victor mostly did his own thing this week, save for a small interaction with Sir Malcolm where Malcolm went out of his way to tell Victor that he is not a suitable traveling companion should he decide to return to Africa. Victor spent most of his time with Van Helsing discussing the nature of vampires and Van Helsings interest and history with them. Van Helsing even drops the name of the show (Penny Dreadful - in case you were confused), so take two shots, before he has his neck snapped by Caliban who is still going on and on about wanting a hot (un)dead chick of his own. He threatens to kill everyone close to Victor until he gets what he wants. Unable to find someone like that, he kills the old guy he just started hanging out with a couple weeks ago.

Reaction: Two episodes left and the show seems stuck in a rut. Sometimes it seems like they are grasping at straws trying desperately to keep such disparate story lines tied together. Other times it seems like they resort to something shocking just because it's a pay cable channel and they know they can get away with it. I'm not really sure what this show wants to be. Does it want to be some sort of pseudo-intellectual exercise that appeals to fans of the literary source material and fly by night horror fans? Or does it think that it can capture some of that Game of Thrones audience by throwing out some gratuitous blood and nudity. What they need to realize is that it's a very small portion of the audience that watches a show like Game OF Thrones for the nudity and violence, if it's a percentage at all. Most people watch Game of Thrones for the story, the compelling characters, and the uneasy feeling of knowing that no one is ever safe. Penny Dreadful has yet to provide any of that, save the tremendous second episode and Proteus' story line.

This weeks episode was just more of the same. There was very little in terms of story development and a lot in terms of titillation and character wheel spinning. I hope there is some decent payoff coming for things like Ethans ability to appease wolves, or his brief affair with Dorian, or Vanessas fucking of the Sir Malcolm Devil. With only two weeks left, I'm beginning to lose hope.

That's it for this week. As always, thanks for reading and "Enjoy every Sandwich."

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