Support The Kickstarter Campaign for To The Flame

Earlier this year we told you about director Alex Webbs new project To The Flame via a really cool contest announcement. Starring Bob Balaban (Russell Dalrypple from Seinfeld!) and Oscar winner Olympia Dukakis, To The Flame is described by Webb as a "dark comedy/thriller" that "kneel(s) at the alter of Lynch and Hitchcock." Now that the contest is over, the real work begins and that's where you come in.

Webb recently announced To The Flames' Kickstarter campaign. For three years Webb has been trying to make the film a reality, and now, for as little as a one dollar donation, you can help this dream become a reality. Seriously. You can donate as little as a dollar (although I am sure the production would appreciate it of you donated more) and get some really cool rewards. So skip that coffee today and help out independent film making!

Refresh your brain by reading the synopsis: "Kyle is going nowhere fast in his sub-par, suburban community college film class until he stumbles upon his disturbed but entertaining neighbors, Dick and Barb. Kyle decides to try and interview them for the class assignment hoping to impress his sexy classmate, Penny. Kyle and Penny are quickly pulled down into Dick and Barb’s dark and twisted world."

The To The Flame Kickstarter campaign can be found here. Head over and do some good!

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