Check out Jack Thomas Smiths' Infliction!

Super cool stuff today in the DreadWorld inbox. Writer/Director/Producer Jack Thomas Smith (people with three names are always trustworthy, right?) dropped us a line regarding his latest project, the full length horror project Infliction. You may remember Mr. Smith (maybe he's a secret agent?) from his debut film Disorder. If you don't you will certainly remember him for Infliction. Check out the trailer:

Here's the simple synopsis: "Infliction is the actual assembled footage taken from the cameras belonging to two brothers, who documented a murder spree in North Carolina."

If you think that sounds awesome check out the full film coming soon to DVD, POV, and PPV (and maybe some other three letter things). BUT...if you want to see it sooner and you are one of the privileged folks who happen to live in the Northeast part of the country you can catch Infliction at one of the screenings that may be coming to your area:

May 30th - Blairstown, NJ
June 7th - Pittsburgh, Pa
June 14th - Lake Hoptacong, NJ
June 21st - Norfolk, Va

Get all the information on the film and the screenings at and follow them on Facebook as well.

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