Penny Dreadful S:1 E:3 Resurrection

Last Week On Penny Dreadful: Vanessa had an out of body experience and ruined a perfectly good party. She then fucked a stranger in an alley, so good night for that guy I guess. Ethan met Brona and it was whiskey shots at first site. She then left him to go fuck Dorian Gray. The heart of the episode though was the interaction between Dr. Frankenstein and his second creation, Proteus. Unfortunately for Proteus, Frankenstein's first creation returns home, with horrific results. Read the full review HERE.

This Week on Penny Dreadful: Flashback time as Young Frankenstein (What knockers!) finds his dog dead in a field and rather decayed. His mother tries to comfort him with fuzzy tales of what happens after you die. Victor is suspicious. When his mother passes away suddenly he learns that death is indeed not "surreal" and begins his fascination with trying to cheat it.

Back to current times...well 1891 London times, Victor is again facing the brutality of death. His first "creation" stands before him. We get another flashback, this time to Creation #1's "birth." Needless to say, it does not go well. Victor panics and abandons the creature. The Creature survives, he learns to read, to talk, and by watching out a small window, the cruelness of the human race. Stalking the doctor, he makes his way to London where he finds work at the Grand Guginol during a run of Sweeney Todd. He's given a name - Caliban after Shakespeare's The Tempest, a character that is irrationally obsessed with his mother, so it fits (sort of.) Caliban confronts Frankenstein by killing Proteus - and we are all caught up timeline wise. He wants something from the doctor, something that will make him whole. He wants love. And by love, he wants Frankenstein to kill a woman and bring her back so they can live together forever. Victor has some other issues to deal with however as he has been summoned by Sir Malcolm with more nefarious plans.

It seems as though Brona's date with Ethan went rather well as we see an extended scene of them fucking, presumably the next morning. It looks like a lot of body double work, so boo on that if you are looking for naked Billie Piper, although something tells me that if you look hard enough (meaning not hard at all) you can find naked Billie Piper somewhere in the interwebs. Brona is still very sick with "consumption" and has no money for medicine, which drives Ethan back to Vanessa and Sir Malcolm looking for work. It's like Pretty Woman only the whore is dying and Richard Gere is an out of work carnival performer.

Lucky for Ethan, Vanessa has just had a vision, something she has regularly it seems, hence her partnership with Sir Malcolm. The latest vision is of Mina, Sir Malcolms daughter (in case you've forgotten) and it beckons them to the London Zoo or so Vanessa is led to believe. Before we leave, Ethan gets us some back story on the whole Mina thing. If you've read Dracula you basically understand the story. Mina, Jonathan Harker, mysterious man, Mina goes missing....there you go.

Turns out the zoo is creepy as hell after dark. Its also full of feral wolves. Wolves which I'm sure have some sort of place in the whole Dracula mythology, but damned if I know where. Someone please educate me. These particular wolves aren't necessarily the bitey kind, they are more the put your hand in their mouths, look in their eyes, and then walk away kind. Which is good because that's exactly what Ethan does, and that's exactly what happens.  Our intrepid group of Zoo interlopers (Vanessa, Sir Malcolm, Ethan, and the big black dude) discover some half eaten animals. The first thought is that it must be the wolves...but  that would be stupid because wolves don't have the tactile dexterity to open cages. No, in this case it's a deranged young man named Fenton.

Fenton is taken into captured and chained up in Sir Malcolms basement. Sir Malcolm seeks to get information regarding Mina's whereabouts the old fashioned way - by beating the crap out of him. Ethan tries to play Ser Barristan Selmy to Sir Malcolms Daenerys Targaryen. He's about as successful, which means he's not successful at all. Sir Malcolms cruelty only results in Fenton spewing some cryptic stuff about his master. They retreat upstairs, where Sir Malcolm gives his Churchill rally the troops type speech. Everyone is in despite some of Ethan's misgivings. Back in the basement Fenton eagerly welcomes the arrival of his master - who we do not get to see. End Episode.

Reaction: A bit of a backslide this week. This episode simply lacked the heart that last weeks did. It certainly served to further the overall Sir Malcolm/Vanessa vampire story line. But it felt like a television show. Not something that had depth and emotion. That's not to say it didn't try. Again the Frankenstein subplot was really the meat and potatoes. Three episodes in and Harry Treadway is by far the best thing about the show.

The same cannot be said for Josh Hartnetts Ethan Chandler. It's not Hartnetts fault. His acting is certainly up to par. It's the character. He just feels shoehorned into everything. From his easy acceptance of Vanessas offer, to his seemingly overnight romance with Brona. It just doesn't feel organic. Add to that the fact he is the only American amongst an entirely British cast (which can work - see Ripper Street) and he seems more of a distraction than an asset most of the time.

Next week is the halfway point. Lets hope these episodes are like the original Star Trek films. Even ones = Good. Odd ones = not so much.

That's it for me as always, thanks for reading and "enjoy every sandwich."

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