'In Fear Of...' Season 2 Part 1

After a  successful debut with their first season (read the review here) Scott Perry and the folks from Slick Devil Entertainment are back with season two of their web based horror anthology series, In Fear Of. As you may remember from the first season, or if you don't click on the damn link to the review of that season, the concept behind the In Fear Of series revolves around various phobias. Each short takes it's cues from a phobia, presenting interesting little twists on some well know and some rather obscure fears.

The first seven episodes (of fourteen) of the season will be appearing on Vimeo on Demand starting Friday June 13th. No better day than a Friday the 13th to pop the cherry on a fun new horror anthology series! So without further adieu...lets dive in head first...or feet first, if you have a fear of breaking your neck diving in head first, to season two of...In Fear Of!

Episode 1: "Gerontophobia" - Fear Of Aging: Suzi Lorraine stars as a woman who's discovered the fountain of youth and will go to any lengths maintain her youthful appearance. It's a comedic episode, more tongue in cheek, than knife in the back, and a good time all around. One minor quibble is that the relationship between Lorraine and Doc Dougherty, who plays her ex-boyfriend, feels rather unnatural. He comes off more a scumbag, than a guy someone as hot as Suzi Lorraine would ever be interested in - regardless of time lines. Still like I said, it's a minor quibble. Loraine is radiant and Writer/Director Scott Perry effectively crams 30 years of back story into an 8 minute short film. Definitely check this one out.

Episode 2: "Toxiphobia" - Fear of Being Poisoned: Thomas Norman wrote and directed this story revolving around a romantic dinner gone wrong when a woman succumbs to a withes spell rendering her irrationally afraid of poisoning. It's a decent short whose biggest issue lies with the witches cure. It feels unnecessary and extemporaneous. There are plenty of folks who are just afraid of poisoning, there really is no need to use the witch and her curse as the macguffin. Still there is some effective acting and it's not a bad entry in to the series.

Episode 3: "Dysmorphobia" - Fear of Deformity:  This short feels very familiar to one from last season also written and directed by Scott Perry "Apephobia" - Fear of Being Touched in that it's very surreal and full of constant motion. However, unlike "Apephobia," this short feels like a fully realized product, with a final realized end game. A cool little Twilight Zone-esque twist at the end seals the deal for this haunting short about conformity.

Episode 4: "Scotomophobia" - Fear of Blindness: Directed by Jeramiah Kipp, this short which chronicles a woman's life spiraling out of control after she starts to lose her sight is jarring to say the least. Jarring to the point where it's rather off putting at times. At no point, until the very end of the short is their any empathy created for the woman. I was worried more about her dogs welfare than hers throughout most of the film. That being said, the performances are probably the best of the whole first half of the season. Bryant Pearson (AMERICAN GANGSTER) is tremendous as the woman's boyfriend who tries to help her through her fears and resulting addictions. Watch this one for the performances, especially from both the leads.

Episode 5: "Agraphobia" - Fear of Sexual Harassment: The series takes things way back to 1986 in this tale of a woman on the run for her her life after firing a man for sexual harassment. The most ambitious story in this set, I get what it's trying to do, but it just doesn't work and it all has to do with the beginning. In the first scene of the film the woman calls her boyfriend and berates him about any number of subjects. There is zero sympathy for this woman when the stalking starts. What follows is your standard stalk and slash film with an 80's synth rock soundtrack underneath. This is probably the most disappointing of the shorts because, personally I desperately wanted it to succeed. It's a shame it falls short.

Episode 6: "Dememtophobia" - Fear of Insanity: Rachael Robbins is a B-Movie actress on a press tour trying to keep her sanity as the questions she's getting asked get more and more ridiculous. Suzy Lorraine returns as Robbins' assistant in this homage to many of the great Tales From The Crypt episodes. A great little short with a cool little demented twist - another must see for the series.

Episode 7: "Agoraphobia" - Fear Of Leaving Home: After the mysterious death of her family, Emma (Anne Bobby - NIGHTBREED) develops a fear of leaving her house. She is interviewed by an insurance agent, who tries to determine if she's fit for their "program." Shot entirely in black and white, this short could be something quelled from an old tape of Twilight Zone episodes. It's a tremendous story with another outstanding twist. This is the don't miss short of this collection. Really good stuff.

The second season of "In Fear Of" kicks off with a bang and despite a couple missteps here and there, really does bring some new unique visions of horror and fear. Check out "In Fear Of" on Vimeo on Demand starting June 14th. And don't forget to check out season one starting here on YouTube. 

As always...thanks for reading and "enjoy every sandwich."

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