Phantasm V is For Real!

Sometimes the interwebs are good for nothing but looking at porn and bitching about how shitty True Blood has become. There are other times, and this is one of those times, that the interwebs bask in the glow of blinding awesomeness. The reason? Today our good friends over at Ain't It Cool News broke the monster story that Phantasm V (subtitled Ravager) not only is coming...but has actually finished shooting (okay we're joking - we've never met Ain't It Cool News). Don't believe us (or them)? Check out the official poster:

No word yet on casting, but Don Coscarelli is back at the helm as main overlord (although word is he may not have directed the film) and we can all hope that at least Angus Scrimm will return as the Tall Man. A little Reggie Bannister would be a lot of a good thing as well. Stay tuned, I'm sure more news will be breaking regarding the project soon!

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