'Escape From Tomorrow' Gets DVD Release Date!

Grab your Mickey Pops folks! Randy Moores' surrealistic, psychological, horror film,  Escape From Tomorrow, finally lands on Blu Ray and DVD April 29th. One of the most buzzed about films of the year, Escape was shot entirely on location at Disney World and Disney land, as improbable as that sounds.

Here are some crispy little nuggets from the press release:  

"When family man Jim vacations with his wife and children, he is invaded by nightmares in the guise of princesses, happy theme park rides and fellow tourists. With a backdrop familiar to all audiences as a setting where fairy tales become real, his world suddenly comes crashing down as these enchanting figures eerily turn into horrific characters threatening his very life.

Filled with “stunningly beautiful compositions made all the more impressive by the difficult circumstances of the shooting” (Los Angeles Times), Escape From Tomorrow on DVD features exclusive commentary, including one in which Jim recounts his adventure first-hand, along with a fascinating, must-see look at making of the film."

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