Bad Milo! (2013)

I hear a lot of rumblings on the interwebs about how "Hollywood has no original ideas" and "All anyone ever makes these days are remakes." While these statements have a ring of truth to them, it's also the credo of the lazy and undereducated. Sure, what may be being released at your local Megaplex is your standard cookie cutter, mass appeal fare, but if one is willing (and able) to dig a little deeper, there are a ton of good films that exist outside the mainstream and fly in the face of convention. Exhibit #1: Bad Milo!.

Duncan (Ken Marino) has a pretty run of the mill accounting job at an investment firm. It's really
nothing special, until the day he shows up for work and his boss (Patrick Warburton) tells him that he is moving to to the HR Department and he's now in charge of firing a whole slew of people. On top of that his office has now been moved into an old bathroom (whose urinal do not work - as he finds out the hard way) and the worst office mate ever. As the stress mounts at work, it also does at home where his new age mother can't seem to stop talking about her sex life with her new boyfriend and Duncans inability to get his wife, Sarah (Gillian Jacobs) pregnant. She even goes so far as to invite a fertility doctor to join the most awkward dinner party ever.

As his stress mounts so does Duncans troublesome bowel situation. Often taking hours for a single movement, Duncan is finally persuaded to see a doctor. When that doesn't seem to help he goes to a psychologist (the tremendous Peter Stormare). It's then that Duncan is forced to confront his inner demon - literally.

Bad Milo! is not a film for everyone. It's one of those weird horror/comedy hybrids that more often than not crosses the line between good and bad taste. If poop and ass humor isn't your deal than this is definitely a film you want to avoid. It reminds me of that South Park episode where Cartman says "how come everything involves something going into or coming out of my ass?" That pretty much sums up the basis for everything going on in Bad Milo!.

However, if you are not not one who is turned off by watching Ken Marino run around for half the film in clothes covered in shit, than you will probably enjoy the film. Bad Milo! is weird at times, it's disgusting at times, it's adorable at times...and sometimes it's all those things at once. But the one thing that Bad Milo! is consistently is really fucking funny. Marino is great as we've come to expect, but the real highlight of the film is in it's supporting cast. Warburton, as Duncans douchey boss, plays a bit against type, but is tremendous. As are Stormare, Jacobs, the venerable Stephen Root as Duncans father, and Mary Kay Place as his mother.

Bad Milo! is a throwback to some of the more under the radar creature feature film of the 80's that popped up in the post-Gremlins age. Think Ghoulies...if they were a bit more adorable and came out of your ass. It's a fun film that never takes itself too seriously (or serious at all in fact), and is a hell of a good time.

Bad Milo! is currently available on DVD, Blu-Ray and on NetFlix, it may be available other places but I'm too lazy to look.

**** starts out of *****

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