Check Out The Founders Day Concept Trailer!

I love surprises, most of them anyway. I mean finding out you have herpes is probably a terrible surprise. Thankfully, I've never had that type of surprise. No, the type of surprise I enjoy is the one where I wake up and awesome trailers in our Facebook inbox (Hey! like DreadWorld on Facebook. Thanks.) Check out the synopsis and the trailer for the upcoming film Founders Day:

"In FOUNDERS DAY, the quaint, suburban town of Fairfield is shaken by the shocking murder of high school student, Melissa Thompson. The prime suspect is jailed, and the residents look to the town's 200th anniversary celebration for a sense of strength and normalcy. When more bodies turn up, however, the citizens of Fairfield grow increasingly suspicious of one another. With no clear motive, everyone is a suspect."

Founders Day is written, directed and produced by Erik C. Bloomquist, a Connecticut-based actor and filmmaker. Bloomquist and his team expect to shoot Founders Day in Connecticut in Autumn 2014 and release the film in Autumn 2015.As always DreadWorld will keep you abreast of all the updates from Bloomquist and Founders Day.

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