Mister Joshuas Top 5 Horror Films of 2013

Here it is. You've all been waiting for it...you know you have...so without further adieu, let's jump right in to Mister Joshua's Top 5 Horror Films of 2013.

HM: Curse Of Chucky, American Mary, Profile Of A Killer, Black Dahlia Haunting

5. VHS 2

 One all time great segment. Two really good segments. And one other segment that is anything but filler. Fuck, even the wraparound segments are pretty damn good. The sequel to 2012's V/H/S kept everything great about the original and dropped the frat boy shittyness. The result is a tight, scary, and dare I even say innovative 4 segment tour de force. It's certainly the best anthology film in a long time. Come for the classic "Safe Haven," stay for the wonderful "A Ride In the Park." Read the original review here.

Park Chan-wook may be the best director working today. He is certainly one of my top 2 or three favorites. The man behind the all time great Oldboy makes his English speaking film debut with this odd yet beautiful film. Buoyed by tremendous performances from both Mia Wasikowska and Mathew Goode, their performances more than make up for the small amount of clunkiness in Wentworth Millers (yes, the Prison Break guy) script. Visually Park's film is an experience. It's like a Tim Burton film without all the pretentiousness and white face paint. A tremendously intimate film that always feels a lot bigger. Odd and wonderful all at the same time.

3.Evil Dead (2013)

No other film surprised me more in 2013 than the remake/re-imagining/sequel (there are arguments to be made for each) to/of The Evil Dead. From the copious amounts of gore to the drug addiction plot device, this film really hit on all cylinders. Some will be put off by just how brutal it is. And it's certainly understandable, there are some tough scenes to watch. How this film received an "R" rating is one of the greatest mysteries of all time. As a huge fan of the original, I desperately wanted to hate this film. But ultimately I had to be honest with myself: this film is pretty damn good. Check out the original review here.


One of the films I was most looking forward to coming in to 2013 was Eric Englands Contracted. I enjoyed his throwback slasher Madison County. It wasn't perfect, but it showed so much damn promise that it really stoked my flame for Englands next project. Needless to say, neither England not Contracted disappointed. Najarra Townsend is perfect as Samantha, a newly minted lesbian who chooses the wrong guy to switch teams for. England takes a page from the Cronenberg Fly playbook, leading us through Samanthas deterioration. It's a hard film to watch - but for all the right reasons. If you can't ever seem to get that one girl to give it up, it's most likely she's seen Contracted. Check out the original review here.

1.Maniac (2013)

William Lustigs original Maniac is one of my favorite films ever. It's not technically wonderful (although the Savini effects are great), nor is it particularly well acted or directed, still it exists as a snapshot of a moment in time. A time when New York was New York...not New Disney. So when Alex Aja announced he would be producing a remake, one that would not only star Elijah "Frodo Baggins" Wood, but would be directed by neophyte director Franck Khalofoun, I, much like the rest of the world was speculative. What they were able to do though, is take the absolute best of the original, turn it on it's head, make it better and fix almost all the pock marks the Lustig version had. Shot almost in complete first person perspective with noting but voice overs and minimal dialogue from Wood, Maniac 2013 is beautiful haunting and amazing. It's easily my favorite film of 2013. Check ou the original review here.

That's it for the list. Thoughts? Quibbles? What did I miss. Lobby for your favorites. Lets have some fun.

As always...thanks for reading and enjoy every sandwich.

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