Big Crawl Or Die/Crawl Bitch Crawl News!

If you're one of the many loyal followers of this site (thank you) than you would know what the first trailer for Oklahoma Ward's Crawl Bitch Crawl (renamed Crawl or Die for us puritanical Americans) really knocked my dick in the dirt. It's been a slow process, or at least it's seemed that way, since the premiere of the trailer all those long months ago. It finally seems as though there is a light at the end of the metaphorical tunnel (pun intended) that is the journey of getting the film released. In a recent video update Ward and star Nicole Alonso dropped a couple cool little nuggets about the future of the film:

1. Look for the film to see some sort of release over the summer of 2014. It sounds like it will be available across most major releasing platforms (DVD and VOD) so you should have no problem finding and watching it.

2. It looks like Crawl Bitch Crawl/Crawl or Die is destined to become a trilogy of films! How cool is that? I'll tell you - very fucking cool! But just don't take it from me, check out the announcement from Ward and Alonso themselves:

Here's the Crawl Bitch Crawl trailer just in case you forgot how great the film looked:

Check out the Crawl Trilogy Website for more info.

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