Trailer and Official Poster for Eric Englands 'Contracted'

This is way too late for me to be positing this, but I've been a bit busy...between traveling on the TARDIS and doing shit like this, some things have slipped past the radar. Not really past it. I saw it knew it was there, but waited until now to bring it to yo. So in case you missed it...take a look at the poster for writer/director Eric Englands latest film 'Contracted.'

England as you may or may not know...and you should, is the man behind throwback backwoods slasher 'Madison County.' Check out the review here. While it wasn't my favorite film of all time, it certainly did enough right to get me stoked for 'Contracted.' Here's the's pretty fucked up...

'Contracted' stars Najarra Townsend, Caroline Williams, Katie Stegeman and the dude who lost to Jesse Camp on that MTV VJ contest thing years ago, Dave Holmes. The film tells the story of the worst one night stands in history. So guy's if your out at a club and this girl you've been about just shuts down, she's probably seen 'Contracted.' Thanks Eric....

'Contracted' is touring the festival circuit right now and getting some pretty damn good buzz. Check it out if you can. If not you'll just have to wait for the VOD or DVD release like the rest of us.

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