Caesar and Otto's Deadly Christmas (2012/13)

Ahh Christmas. That special time where we all spend our hard earned dollars trying find that right gift to buy someones love for another year? Unless your Jewish...then you get eight shots at buying love. It's also the time of the year where we dust off all our old decorations, hang them up and hope the neighbors don't remember they are the same ones you put up last year. For some of us though, Christmas is the perfect time to revisit those old holiday classics : 'A Christmas Carol,' 'Miracle On 34th Street,' 'Black Christmas.' Wait, what? Yup, see we in the horror community (I swear that's a thing) have been bathing the sight of Good Ol' Saint Nick hacking and slashing his way through the end of December for the last 30 years.

Some of these films have been classics, the a for mentioned 'Black Christmas,' 'Christmas Evil,' 'Silent Night, Deadly Night,' others however, 'Jack Frost,' 'Santa Claws,' that film with Goldberg can barely be categorized as films, let alone classics. Into this very hit or miss world of Christmas films stumbles 'Caesar and Otto's Deadly Chrismas." The horror/comedy, with emphasis on the "comedy part of the description, is actually the fifth adventure for this pair of mismatched brothers. It follows their feature film debut, the eponymously titled 'Caesar and Otto' and the follow up 2009's 'Caesar and Otto's Summer cam Massacre' sandwich in two short films and you get caught up on all of Caesar and Otto's adventures.

This installment again finds out down and out duo, well, down and out. Caesar can't seem to get that big break he desperately want's as an actor. Otto sits around all day pining over a girl he barely talked to in middle school. But there is hope, Caesar is throwing a Thanksgiving party and the whole neighborhood is invited. Unfortunately, the only people to show up are their father, Fred, his new wife, Babs, and Otto's ill conceived ex-girlfriend Sashi. the disastrous dinner party leaves the boys even further down in the dumps until Caesars agent (Linea Quigley) calls offering him a new role - traveling Santa. Caesar has some rather deep seeded Christmas issues though thanks to his grandfather (Lloyd Kauffman), When Caesar turns down the role, the enterprising Otto steps up taking the role in hopes that it will ingratiate him to his middle school love, Allison.

A confluence of events leads to the pair winding up being framed for a series of grizzly murders by Demian (Deron Miller, one of the dudes from CKY). Demians murders are just a front for a more sinister plot involving a satanic cult hell bent on bringing back the original meaning behind Christmas.

'Caesar and Otto's Deadly Christmas' is a terrible film. The acting, the directing, writing is all sub par...BUT...and it's a big but...the film is pretty damn hilarious. Dave Campfield (Caeser, Writer and Director) and Paul Chomicki (Otto) have a wonderful chemistry together, even if Campfields over the top acting is a little grating at first. But that's part of the joke. Caesar is supposed to be over the top. The scrip is supposed to be stupid. Campfield knows what he's doing and lets us in on the joke.

And the jokes are there in abundance. There are legitimately laugh out loud funny moments throughout the film. Most come from Chomicki and his aww shucks ideas about love and romance. But there is enough funny to sustain the poor narrative for the entire 90 minutes of the film. Hell, there's even an awesome 'Princess Bride' quote thrown in just to make sure we are all paying attention. If you aren't paying attention to the dialogue then maybe then the who's who of B-Movie stardom being totted out will surely catch your attention.

Ceasar and Otto's latest adventure is not going to be for everyone. There are folks out there will say it's pretty stupid. They won't be able to see past the bad acting, the poor production values and ultimately nonsensical script. But if you go into the film with an open mind and just want to be entertained, 'Caesar and Otto's Deadly Christmas' is an extremely rewarding experience. It's the perfect film to throw on after you've killed four or five beers (I know I have no tolerance) anymore and just laugh your way through.

The film will hit DVD and VOD on November 19th through Wild Eye Releasing. Look for it, watch it, have fun.

*** stars out of *****

Thanks for reading. And as always : "Enjoy Every Sandwich"

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