The Trailer Park 10-5 : The Simpsons, Dracula, and I, Frankenstein

Welcome back dudes and dudettes, to another edition of the infamous (more than famous?) Trailer Park - your one stop shop for all the cool trailers, clips and featurettes that have caught my eye over the last week or so. So settle back, hit play and catch up on what you've missed.

Guillermo Del Toro's 'Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror' Intro :

I have nothing to say about the intro Del Toro put together for this years edition of the 'Treehouse of Horror.' Nothing to say but HOLY FUCKING SHIT! It's no secret that the Treehouse episodes over the last few (10 to 15) years or so haven't had to much to do with horror. But this...this more than makes up for it. Check it it a few times...your going to have to to catch everything going on here. Dare I intro ever?

The Simpsons 'Treehouse Of Horror' premieres this Sunday, October 6th on FOX.

Argento's Dracula - Red Band Trailer

A couple of weeks ago we gave you a look at the first trailer from Dario Argento's 'Dracula.' Here's another look at the film which is currently in (very) select theaters across the country.

I don't know...I'm of the opinion that Argento hasn't made anything really worthwhile since 'Opera,' this trailer does nothing to convince me that's changed. Thoughts?

'Argento's Dracula' stars Rutger Hauer, Asia Argento, and a bunch of Italian folks.

First trailer for 'I, Frankenstein'

We passed a long some casting news about this film a little while back telling you that the lovely (and I mean LOVELY) Jessica Browne Findlay had been cast. While today, we can finally bring you the first full trailer for the film.

Aaron Eckardt, and yes, my other lovely Yvonne Strahovski star along with Bill Nighy and Miranda Otto. I just can;t get into these overly CGI based horror films. This one comes from the producers of the 'Underworld' series which seems about right. Of course if you had said it comes from the producers of 'Van Helsing,' 'Constantine,' 'Priest,' or any of the dozens of other films this feels just like, I wouldn't be surprised.

'I, Frankenstein' premieres sometime in 2014.

Trailer Park Bonus : Lady Gaga in 'Machete Kills'

Even though Robert Rodriguezes 'Machete Kills' is currently hitting the festival circuit, (to mixed reviews from what I've read) the powers that be are starting to make their full on push head of the wide theatrical release. The latest in this long line of efforts is the trailer featuring Lagy Gagas Aura.

'Machete Kills' expands to many,many theaters October 11th.

That's it for this edition of the trailer park. As always - "Thanks for Reading" and "Enjoy Every Sandwich"

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