Seventh Annual B-Movie Celebration!

If you're like us here at the DW then you love B-Movies. And if you love B-Movies then we ave some great news for you. The Seventh Annual B-Movie Celebration is coming to the greater Chicago area October 25th through the 27th.

Coming to to the Hollywood Boulevard Cinema in Woodridge, Illinois, this years B-Movie Celebration features screenings of over 68 films, 26 features and 42 shorts! If that's not enough there will be personal appearances from B-Movie legends Jim Wynorski, Fred Olen Ray, and Kevin Tenney. Each will be presenting classics from their back catalogs including 'Chopping Mall,' the world premiere of Ray's 'After Midnight' and Tenneys classic 'Witchboard.' Which leads to the question: "Why has no one ever remade 'Witchboard?' Of course Tawny Kitean and Patch from Days of our Lives would have to be back, but it could still work. I digress...


So if you are in the Woodridge, Illinois area near the end of October, take some time and check it out.

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