Morning (News) Dump 9/4/13 - Patrick Reimagining Posters, Carrie Remake Images

Welcome to your Morning (News) Dump for Wednesday September 4th, 2013. Today we are going to take a look at some of the more interesting poster/images that were released to the world over the last two days or so, including two posters for the remake/reimagining of 'Patrick,' and three new 'Carrie' images.

'Patrick' Posters!

I've not seen the original version of 'Patrick.' It usually makes the short list of "shit I need to see" but always looses out to 'Pontypool' or something similar. With the 1978 original getting the reimagining treatment though, the film will move even closer to the top of the list. Starring Rachel Griffiths and Charles Dance (yup, Tywin Lannister) this version of 'Patrick' sees the title character stuck in a coma after killing his mother, subject to the experimentation of Dr. Roget (Dance). Salvation may come for him though, in the form of a sympathetic nurse who takes an interest in Patrick. Check out the posters:

'Patrick' will start hitting film festivals in October. Look for it on DVD/BluRay and VOD following it's theatrical run.

New 'Carrie' Images

The 'Carrie' remake doesn't hit theaters until October 18th, but you can check out some new images below: 

'Carrie' stars Chloe-Grace Moretz as  the title character and Julianne Moore as her overbearing, religious mother.

That's it for this mornings (news) dump. S always  : thanks for reading and "Enjoy every sandwich!"

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