Flipping The Script : The Dexter Series Finale

It's been over a week since we all learned the fate of everyone's favorite sympathetic serial killer - Dexter Morgan, his various relatives and co-workers. Needless to say the reaction to "Lumberjack Dexter" left many long time fans of the series disappointed. So what do we do about that here at DreadWorld? We take a trip into Dexters alternate universe via something we like to call "Flipping the Script." What could have or rather should have happened over the shows last 55 minutes or so that would have left us with some sort of closure or at least have satiated some of the prevailing desires we had for our beloved characters.

Flipping the script on the final Dexter episode is a tough one simply becasue of all the mistakes made throughout the final season. Rather than the show featuring the well known, already established characters, it chose to introduce a bevy of new ones, thus short changing all the old favorites. But since we are not Flipping the Script on the entire last series (someday) and only the last episode, that's where we begin.

If you need a refresher course on what happened during the real finale read this. It's a pretty accurate and comprehensive look at what went on...in all it's silliness.

In the DreadWord version Deb is seriously injured by Saxons bullet. The doctors really don't think she is going to make it. Certain necessary organs and arteries are punctured or perforated. There is also no hesitation about calling Dexter. He is notified immediately. He drops Hannah and Harrison off at the airport, unaware that Elway is there waiting for her. As Dexter races towards the hospital, so does Saxon. We would cut out the whole stitch me up/veterinarian situation and have him just abduct a random person, making them drive him to the hospital - hence getting him there faster.

Saxon arrives at the hospital and in the hurricane hustle and bustle, is able to slip in almost unnoticed. He arrives in Debs room as she lapses in and out of consciousness. As he moves towards her there is a gun at the back of his head, but it's not Batista - it's Quinn. Quinn starts his tough guy talk on Saxon only to have Dex sneak up behind him and knock him out. Dex seizes Saxon and shoots him with the sedative needle. Dex takes a minute to make piece with Deb but she is delusional from the combination of morphine and pain. Dex promises to come back after he takes care of Saxon (Denim and Leather!)

Back at the airport Elway (SPF) still can't get in touch with his Federal Marshall friend. Hannah - thoroughly disguised this time, is able to slip past him. She makes it through security safely with Harrison in tow. But one of Elways informants recognizes Harrison and calls Elway. Elway frantically buys a ticket - any ticket he can get just to make it through security. But his erratic behavior alerts the ticketing agent who calls over a TSA agent and points out Elway who hurries away.

Dex has Saxon set up in another hospital room ready to kill him. Back in Debs room Quinn comes to. He makes his way to Deb who, drugged up and babbling, not only tells Quinn Dex has Saxon, but also that she shot LaGuerta and Dex is the Bay Harbor butcher. Flashback throughout the series to all the times Quinn almost figured it out but was either dissuaded by Dex or Deb, or just too stupid to see what was going on. Batista enters the room, as Quinn rushes out he says something about Dexter and takes off down the hallway frantically looking for Dex and Saxon. Deb calls over Batista. She is calmer and has him lean in as she confesses everything to him. He refuses to believe, but another flashback sequence hows just how close HE was to figuring the whole thing out. Despite the fact he knows what Deb says is true he refuses to believe it. He leaves more to track Quinn down than because of anything Deb said.

Hannah and Harrison sit quietly at the airport waiting to board the plane. She frantically tries to call Dexter - who ignores her calls and messages. Unbeknownst to her Elway is rapidly approaching from behind her. Just before he is about to make contact he is intercepted by two TSA agents. He screams at a startled Hannah as he's taken away. Another waiting passenger asks Hannah if she is okay. She says Elway is her ex-husband who is angry she left him. They announce that the plane is going to start boarding early to try and beat the storm. Hannah leaves one last message for Dexter before taking Harrison and getting in line to board.

Quinn frantically searches the hospital for Dexter. Batista catches up to him, Quinn tries to lay out the case against Dexter as they search. Finally they find Dex and Saxon. Dex has just plunged his knife into Saxons chest. The scene evokes the season six scene where Deb found out Dexters secret.

Dex drops the knife and puts his hands up. Quinn is incensed. Batista is more measured. He tries to talk to Dex. Dex tries to bargain. To tell them about the code - how he only killed those who deserved it. Batista seems sympathetic, having known Dexters father and the type of man he was. Quinn is not so easily calmed. Dex makes a movement towards the two men. Quinn unloads a round into Dexters chest. Dex lunges at him, shoving him and Batista out of the way. His sudden movement knocks Quinn down. Batista chooses to help Quinn rather than follow Dexter.

Dexter manages to make his way back to Debs room before Batista and Quinn can catch up to him. He collapses on her chest, telling her he loves her. She says she is sorry. He dies. Her eyes roll to the back of her head and the machines keeping her alive go haywire. She dies just as the doctors, Batista and Quinn show up in her room.

Down in Argentina, Hannah and Harrison sit at a cafe. She reads on her iPad about Dexter and Deb being dead. She sheds a tear which drops on the screen. Harrison asks about ice cream. The get up and walk down the street.

Back in Miami Quinn throws his badge at Batista, essentially quitting. Batista tries to stop him, even promising to promote him. Quinn tells him to shove it up his ass. The next day there is a memorial ceremony held in Dexter and Debs honor. Lieutenant Matthews asks Batista how he managed to keep everything "clean." Batista : "Deb died from her injuries. Saxon shot Dexter. Who stabbed him in self defense. Simple." Matthews then comments about he had told Harry things would end up this way. Batista is shocked. Matthews explains that he Harry had told him his plan and that Matthews knew about the code. He was the one making it easier for Dexter to operate as the Bay Harbor Butcher. He was in on the big secret the whole time. Then he walks away. End episode. End series.

What do you folks think? Better? Worse? Leave your thoughts and ideas below.

As always - thanks for reading  and "Enjoy Every Sandwich"


  1. I don't know... I didn't want Dexter or Deb to die. I was kinda shocked Deb actually died, but it's a little predictable if you think about it (Showtime wouldn't want Dexter to die since the show is a cash cow for them), and her death seemed pointless although she did kill LaGuerta so I guess neither Dex nor Deb should get away clean. It's a testament to the show though how much I'm still rooting for them despite how wrong the LaGuerta murder was. I do find it hard to believe Dexter would just abandon Harrison. I have no idea how I would end the series though... it's a tough call. Your idea of Matthews knowing all along is pretty interesting.

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  3. The only thing is, that Showtime, made the show agree not to kill Dexter, for some reason Showtime did not want Dexter to be ever killed of in the show, hence the reason he wasn't. But I really like that finale plot.

  4. Much much better final episode (considering what you had to start with). Matthews twist would have made it worth it!