Dexter S:8 E:12 Remember The Monsters?

Last Week on Dexter : Dex lets Saxon (Denim and Leather!) live. Saxon in turn kills the Federal Marshall and shoots Deb in the lower abdominal area (thanks Gorilla). Hannah and her hooker heels stay one step ahead of Elway (SPF) - by checking into a nearby hotel. God Elway (SPF) is stupid.

This Week On Dexter : Dex, Harrison and Hannah are all at the airport. Only Hannah is stranded in the bathroom because Elway is at the same airport, waiting at their gate. Dex runs some TSA aided interference and Elway is carted off for a full cavity search, maybe. Finally free, the loving family make their way out of the terminal and head towards hurricane evading buses - until Dex gets a call from Deputy Chief Mathews informing him that Debs been shot and Saxon has escaped. Dex leaves Hannah behind, promising to meet up with her later.

At the hospital, the Doctors assure everyone that Deb will be fine. Quinn gets weepy and confesses
his love for her. Somewhere in the Ukraine Nadia sheds a tear. Dex promises to get Saxon, Deb is pissed he's not in Argentina. Dex doesn't have to go far to find Saxon though. Turns out he kidnapped a veterinarian, forced him to sew him up, made him drive him to the hospital, then cut out his tongue and tossed him through the hospital door. All in a days work for a serial killer.

Saxon finds Deb and Dex but Batista finds Saxon. Game over Oliver. Or is it? Saxon of course refuses to talk. Stuck in an isolated cell, who shows up to perform some tests? If you guessed would win the lotto ticket. Dex tells Saxon he's going to kill him with a pen. Saxon makes the first move and Dex stabs him in the jugular with said pen in "self defense." Because everyone who works for Miami Metro are idiots, the buy into it.

With Saxon dead Dex heads to  the hospital, but there's a problem Deb is dead...or close to it. She had a stroke during surgery and is a vegetable, not a good one like celery or green peppers, the bad kind like people. With the hurricane starting to bear down Dex, in full kill suit, hops on his boat and drives to the hospitals pier. Yes, the hospital has a pier. In the confusion no one notices Dex stealing Debs body. He drives out to sea and symbolically dumps her body. He then turns the boat and heads straight for the hurricane.

Somewhere in Argentina, Hannah sees an article about Dexter and the fact that he's presumed dead on her iPad. Then she takes Harrison to get some ice cream. Fade to black...BUT WAIT! There's more...somewhere in the Pacific Northwest or Alaska or where ever they do that logging stuff, there is a solitary man unloading a truck full of logs. As he walks towards the camera we see a very haggard, very bearded Dexter Morgan. We follow him inside his decrepit house. He sits in a chair and stares out the window, then stares straight at the camera...and fade to black again...

So if you had Dexter Morgan -  Lumberjack in your office pool then you win! However if you were part of the other 99.99% of the population, you are probably screaming - What the Fuck! And you would be right. I cannot remember a series finale that felt so empty. What disservice to the entire supporting cast of the series. No closure for any of them - nothing. If that was the ultimate end game then why waste all that time on them this season? Why introduce Masukas daughter? Why spend all that time caring about Jamie and Quinn. What about the bullshit with Quinns Sergeant test? All that time wasted...for lumberjack Dexter.

But ultimately the show is about Dexter Morgan and Dexter's series long journey wasn't all that bad. He starts out the series as an empty person just wanting to feel something, to have emotions like "normal" people do. Once he achieves his goal - once his "human" emotions conquer his "dark passenger" he realizes he's not equipped to handle it. All he wants is to get back to the person he was before he started "feeling." He achieves that - by becoming logger Dexter.

Cut off from everything he once knew, his son, Hannah McKay, and Miami Metro. Dexter probably sees his logger life as some sort of punishment, like he's now doing penance for his sins.  In his punishment though, Dexter has discovered who he really is and maybe there is some sort of peace in that for him. Ultimately Dexter's quest to become "normal" is a failure, but his journey to discover who he really is a success.

Overall this season was a bit of a mess. Too much crap with ancillary characters. No focus on the end game of the series until the last couple of episodes. The series just lacked the urgency that a "final season" needs. The writers wasted so much time with Vogel and her list of would be "brain surgeons" that the race to finis line felt like just that, a race. This season probably rates as the second worst, right above the Doomsday Killer and just below Miguel Prado. It's a shame, I really was into Season Seven, really into Hannah McKay (I wish...), but this season really dropped the ball. It's a shame that this is the last taste people are going to have of Dexter becasue when the show was hitting on all cylinders (Season Four) it was as good as anything that's ever been on television.

That's it for the 'Dexter' recaps...forever. As always thanks for reading and "Enjoy Every Sandwich"

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