Dexter S:8 E:11 Monkey In A Box

Last Week On Dexter : Dexter quits Miami Metro. Harrison quits behaving and Vogel quits living (via Oliver Saxon).

This Week On Dexter : Dex starts dealing with the aftermath of Saxon slitting Vogels throat by holding her as she dies, rather than, I don't know trying, to catch Saxon. Dexter holding Evelyn in her final moments is supposed to be touching. Unfortunately because of the way the show has built up both Vogel and Saxon it falls flat. Vogel has been presented as Dexters "spiritual mother" but has done nothing to show any sort of mothering instincts. She selfishly pushed Dexter to murder people he didn't want to kill to protect herself. Then once he was done, she was ready to kick him to curb, first for Zach Hamilton, then for her real son Saxon. So, it's hard to find any sympathy for her or Dex over her death.

Dex is of course, excused from the investigation despite being covered in blood and the only person in Miami wearing cargo pants and a long sleeved Henley shirt. For some reason Vogels memorial is the very next day and classy guy he is, Batista dedicates the after party to Dexters last day. Dex isn't much in the mood to party though because he needs to get back to the house so his real estate agent (Miguel Prado's wife - remember her? Me neither!) can show his condo.

In a twist everyone saw coming, Dexters' potential buyer is none other than Oliver Saxon. Saxon shoos Mrs. Prado away so he can get Dex all buy himself. Oliver proposes a deal, a detant of sorts. Dex doesn't kill Saxon and Saxon doesn't kill everyone Dexter knows. Dex agrees but he's a tricksy mother. He releases the video of Oliver killing Zach (still awesome) to the news. Much to the delight of Harry. Which is of note becasue for most of this season Harry has been a bloodthirsty animal. Every time Dex has wavered and thought, "Hey, I'd like to bury my face in some Hannah McKay boobies rather than kill some dude from the mall" Harrys been pushing him to murder. Which of course begs the question : Did Harry and Vogel create Dexter the serial killer? Did Harry over react to young Dexters impulses, using the code to allow Dex to kill rather than just telling him that he shouldn't kill?

Regardless of Harrys actions and results, when Oliver sees the news report naming him as the "Brain Surgeon" he's hella pissed. he attacks Dex in his apartment that night, but Deb and Dex are waiting for him. Dex sets Oliver up in his own kill room but stops short of finishing the job. He realizes that he'd rather be with Hannah than kill Oliver. I can empathize, I'd rather be with Hannah than breathe most of the time. Harry's not happy about it, but Dex doesn't care. He leaves Deb in charge and heads home.

There it is. No matter what happens next week in the series finale, leaving Oliver, someone who fits the code, who needs to die, leaving him there is the end of Dexter. Over the shows run Dex has always sought to balance his "dark passenger" with his everyday life. This season Dexter has finally realized his "dark passenger" isn't the most important motivation in his life. This shift in Dexters' need to kill - something that at one point was uncontrollable, is the spiritual end to the series. Was it Dexters' Vader face turn, throwing the Emperor down the shaft moment? Not even close. But in that moment, everyone's favorite justifiable serial murderer ceased to exist.

So left in the incompetent hands of Deb it takes Oliver about 30 seconds to escape the chair. Truthfully, Federal Marshall Cooper gave him some help. As a thanks for his efforts he was then stabbed to death. Deb walks in just in time to take a bullet to the lower abdominal area as Oliver escapes though the side door.

Oblivious to the whole thing, Dex grabs Harrison and heads for the airport to meet a waiting Hannah, anxious to begin their new life in Argentina. End episode.

Elsewhere : Not much. Elway (SPF) drops by Debs place to scout for Hannah. He notices a pair of 6 inch bright pink hooker heels in the corner confirming his suspicions. Hannah moves into a hotel close to the airport just to be safe. Elway heads to the airport to try to catch her....Deb found the engagement ring Quinn tried to give her a few season ago in his desk. They had a moment. Quinn is an idiot. 

So we're one episode away from the series finale. Serial killer Dexter is dead, but what is desperate family man Dexter capable of? Will he and Hannah make the plane? Can they get out before the very convenient storm? Will Elway be waiting for him at the airport? Will Deb survive? So many questions. 50 minutes of answers - next week.

As always - Thanks for reading and "Enjoy Every Sandwich."

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