Dexter S:8 E:10 "Goodbye Miami"

Last Week On "Dexter" - Well nothing happened last week on "Dexter" as it was labor day weekend and part of celebrating Labor day is not employing someone at Showtime to push the "play" button on the new "Dexter" episode. Viva America So....

Last Time On "Dexter" - The Feds are on Hannah's hot tail...err, hot on Hannah's trail. That sounds better. Dex has her stuffed away at Debs, who loves that arrangement, if but love you mean hate. Vogel has a kid, a real one, who is a lot crazier than her "spiritual"one (Dexter) and he's not too enthused about having a new brother.

This Week On "Dexter" - Vogel really does think that she can save her son, who now goes by the name Oliver Saxon (Denim and Leather!...Sorry, wrong Saxon). She pleads with Dexter to let her put him in some sort of facility so she can at least have one living son (Oliver killed his brother). Dex thinks this is a bad idea, Oliver is just a bad dude with no respect for the code or his awesome fake British name. He convinces Vogle of this fact by showing her a video of Oliver sawing open Zach's head - while he was alive (it was awesome).  Dex insists he needs to kill Oliver to save Vogel, which is sort of a paradox since Vogel doesn't want saving. The funny thing is that Dex doesn't even want to kill Oliver, but Harry keeps egging him on.

Dex really just wants to be home with Hannah and Harrison plotting their escape to the paradise that is Argentina. Hannah can't quite understand Dex's motivation, but then again she isn't followed around by the physical manifestation of her dead father. Which by the way would make for some very uncomfortable moments in everyday life. "Dexter. You need to be wiping your ass back to front, not front to back." Dex, ignoring Harrys incessant droning, let's Batista know that he is quitting, but being the good dude he is he still gives two weeks.

Federal Marshall Willanholly confronts Deb on the beach while she's watching Harrison. Deb, the great babysitter she is, tells a four year old to hang out in the house by himself. If this were a PSA little Harrison would shut the door behind him, run straight to under the sink and drink a gallon of bleach. This is "Dexter" so none of that happens. Instead, the Marshall tells Deb, someone he's just met of all people, he's backing of the whole Hannah situation....

...But he overhears Batista placing an add in, I don't know, Police Jobs Monthly, for a new blood splatter technician. This gets his dander all up. This and the fact Hannah has to come out of hiding to bring Harrison to the ER after he falls on the treadmill. Great parents. The ER lady recognizes Hannah who signs in as Deb...oh what a tangled web we weave. Dex is nowhere to be seen of course because he is busy preparing the "kill room" for Oliver.

However, as you can probably guess his plan goes awry. Dr. Vogel fucks the whole thing up by having (gasp!) feelings. She arranges  meeting with Oliver before the killing and gives the whole thing away by spilling tea. Dex figures the whole thing out and rushes over to her place, just in time to see Oliver slit his mothers throat. It was pretty damn rough and very well done.

Elsewhere : The Jamie/Quinn thing is finally over. Quinn breaks it off. Jamie says it's because of Deb. Quinn is all like "Pffft...come on. No way. Your cray cray." Then he goes and makes out with Deb. Damn, I thought he would chase down Nadia in the Ukraine (remember her? Neither do the writers)....Deb finally quit working for Elway (SPF) as well, who is none too pleased about it. He keeps his feelings inside, as well as the files on Hannah McKay. She goes back to Miami Metro, much to the surprise of, well no one...Masukas daughter showed up at a crime scene high because it was a Sunday. Good enough reason as any I guess.

That's it for this week and despite my pissing all over it, this episode was pretty damn good. Two more before the whole she bang wraps up. Will Dex make it Argentina? Will he kill Oliver? Will Dr. Vogel show up next to Harry in Dex's pantheon of important dead people? Will Den and Quinn kill each other? Will Hannah McKay ever show up at my front door? So many few answers...

As always - thanks for reading and "Enjoy every sandwich."

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