Casting News-O-Rama!

Good Morning fellow DWers (it's a thing...welcome). This morning greets us with a shitload of cool and questionable casting news. Let's take a look at who's going to be doing what in the near future...

Harris and Isabelle Join 'See No Evil 2'

We thought it was curious when buzzy directors Jen and Sylvia Soska signed on to direct the sequel to Gregory Darks middling 'See No Evil.' Fresh off the pretty good 'American Mary (review here), the Twisted Twins will be joined this time around by horror ingenues Danielle Harris (Halloween 4/5) and Katherine Isabelle (American Mary, Ginger Snaps). Shit as they say..."just got real."

The Walking Dead Casts "Rosita" 

The Walking Dead season four premiers in a few short weeks, but  that hasn't stopped them from adding more folks to the cast. The latest member to join the cast is Christian Serratos (Twilight) who will be joining the post apocalyptic genre show as Rosita. She will be a reoccurring character during season four and will have a larger lore in the series moving forward.

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  1. Great cast lined up for See No Evil 2. I never saw the first one though, and it didn't sound like I missed much.