The Trailer Park...Returns!

Welcome to another edition of The Trailer Park, your one stop shop for all the recent trailers that I find interesting. Let's jump right in and take a look:

The Monkeys Paw:

First up is the a look at 'The Monkeys Paw.' Classic "Twilight Zone"/"Outer Limits" plots points dictate that anytime you  make wishes something is bound to turn out bad. The trailer looks pretty good:

As good as when Homer found the monkeys paw in the "Simpsons"? Probably not, but what do you think? 'The Monkeys Paw' hit's On Demand on October 8th.

All The Boys Love Mandy Lane

After 7 years (yes - SEVEN!) 'All The Boys Love Mandy Lane' will finally see a proper theatrical/VOD/DVD release here in the States. To put that in perspective, director Jonathan Levine has directed two other features ('50/50' and 'Warm Bodies' review here)that have seen release since he finished 'Lane.' Check out the Trailer:

Amber Heard stars n this tale of teenage coming of age and obsession gone wrong. We caught it a couple of years ago up in Toronto. Read the review here. It may be the worst thing I've ever written, so I apologize in advance of your reading it. 'Mandy Lane' stars Amber Heard and Whitney Able (support her latest project 'Dark' and their KickStarter campaign here. It hit's VOD platforms on the 6th of September and select theaters on October 11th.

The Butcher Boys

And finally thanks to the awesome folks over at, we were able to take a look at and fall in love with the latest trailer for 'The Butcher Boys.'

This looks awesome. A little modern cannibal/Texas Chainsaw Massacre feel perhaps. Butcher Boys hits theaters on September 6th.

That's it for the Trailer Park this week. Thanks for stopping by...remember to pick up your trash on the way out.

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