Dexter S:8 E:9 "Make Your Own Kind OF Music"

Last Week On Dexter: Road trip time! Zach chases a douche. Dex and Hannah chase Zach. Deb chases Dex and Hannah. Zach ends up dead. Dex ends up naked....and no one bothered to tell the brain surgeon he's supposed to be dead. Get all the details here.

This Week On Dexter : Hannah and Dexters inability to stay apart from each other has caused a major problem. Especially after Elway decides to bring in a Federal Marshall to help him track her down and bring in that mothafuckin' money ($250,000). After Dex and Hannah pick up some cash she's left with the drug addict chick from last season, Dex has the genius plan of stashing her with Deb. As you can imagine, this does not go over well. Also as you can imagine, Deb says "fuck" a lot. I wonder do the writers get paid by the "fuck?" 2 dollars for every "fuck" they can fit in the script?

Deb protests but not too much because she has a lot of other shit going on. Elway is all over her ass, and not in the way he wants to be, but rather because he's pretty sure Deb lied about not finding Hannah last week. Deb could give two fucks (where's my two dollars!) because Batista is putting on the full court press, trying to get her to rejoin the force. Quinn even enlists her help in trying to find Jamies friends killer because he's Quinn and well, you know.

Of course Dexter and the rest of the world know that the same person that killed Jamies friend is also the person that killed Zach Hamilton. But who? Since everyone but Lance Bass has been set up as a Brain Surgeon red herring, the writers are left grasping at straws over who the real brain surgeon is. Dex uses some Tron-like technology to figure out that the real Brain Surgeon (fingers crossed) is Oliver Saxon, Dr. Vogels long lost, dead son. Which all sounds kind of "Days Of Our Lives"-ish for me. If there are two Romans next episode I'm out of here (how about that reference kids?). Dex want's to dispatch of Oliver ASAP, citing the safety of Miami's general population should be killed. Dr. Vogel still wants to help her baby boy though and offers to have him put in a home.

Dex concocts an all too complicated scheme involving a Mama Cass song, a coffee shop, poisoning Dr. Vogel and a broad daylight abduction to capture Oliver. Amazingly (because there are three episodes left) things don't work out. Dex races to Dr. Vogels to warn her that he fucked up, but she assures him she's safe. Dex leaves and we find out Oliver has been there (at Vogels) the whole time. Well, not the whole time, but you know what I mean.

Meanwhile, lucky for Dex, Elway (SPF) hired the dumbest Federal Marshall in history to try and track Hannah down. Twice Dexter is able to lie right to his face and he buys it. Still all the heat is starting to get to Hannah, (of course prancing around in a hot pink, skin tight, mini dress might not be the way most people would choose to "lay low.") She tells Dex that she has to get away, maybe to Argentina. Dex thinks it's a wonderful plan and he signs himself and Harrison up for the trip.

Elsewhere: Like last week, not too much. Quinn kissed Deb. She liked it. Oh, she may tell you she didn't but she did. Hannah and Dex confessed their undying love for each other. Harrison thinks Hannah is his mom.

Damn was this disappointing. Another fucking brain surgeon suspect? Enough already. It's far too late to introduce a new character and make him interesting. Did someone forget to tell the writers there are only THREE episodes left? If this season has one major failing, it's the real lack of an adversary for Dexter. It's a shame because the best seasons always had that one big bad guy who we couldn't wait to see on the slab....Special shout out to Sean Patrick Flanery (SPF) he had two scenes in the whole show this week and fucking killed it, especially where he basically tells Deb to go fuck herself. Good stuff.

That's it for this week, very dissappointing, but we've come this far, so what three more weeks? Here's hoping there is a lot of cool shit that I missed that comes together in some epic craziness. Until next time :

Thanks for reading and "Enjoy Every Sandwich."

Episode 10 : here!

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