Dexter S:8 E:8 "Are We There Yet?"

Last Week On Dexter - Dexter promises Deb he'll get to the bottom of the Hannah problem. Hannah get's rid of her husband problem. Zach is just a problem. Read all about it here.

This Week On Dexter - Dexter is still at the Cassie murder - but all he can think about is Hannah. For once I can completely understand where Dex is coming from. Deb shows up at the crime scene to let him know Harrison is asleep and to pine for plain old police work. She questions Dex about the whole getting rid of Hannah thing. He is vague at best. This pisses Deb off more. Dex steals the blood scrapings from under Cassies nails, has it analyzed and determines it's indeed Zachs.

Deciding it's definitely Zachs time to go, he heads over to Vogels house. They lament about what could have been. How sad. Dex goes to see Hannah. He offers to get her a new passport and get her set up with her new life. Which makes me wonder why Dex never did this for himself when the LaGuerta heat was on him? Not satisfied, Hannah offers to accompany Dex out to the Keys on his mission to kill Zach. Unbeknownst to them Deb is hot on their ass thanks to Elways (SPF) super duper tracking device.

Once there they quickly find where Zach is holed up. He seems to have built himself a pretty good little kill room. Dex can't help get a little penis envy, so he spends some time pointing out it's faults (the rooms faults, not the penises). Harry tells him that it's a hell of a lot better than Dexter's first room.

Zach returns, proud of what he's done with the room. Dex cares more about what he did to Cassie. Turns out Zach didn't do anything to Cassie and he's got the time stamped photography to prove it. Satisfied, Dax wants some answers as to what Zach is doing here. He recounts a tale surrounding some college asshole who killed some chick. Zach is here to dispense some serial killer justice. Dexter is proud. There's a little problem though - Zach accidentally killed the douche bag before he could get him back to the room. Dex leaves with Zach to dispose of the body, leaving Hannah behind to clean up the room.

Great plan, right? Only one problem, Deb shows up. She tries to arrest Hannah but Hannah pleads her case to Deb tells her that she and Dexter are in love. Deb, ever the softy, says "fuck" a lot. Dex returns and Deb lets them go. Elway (SPF) isn't too happy that Deb didn't bring Hannah in, but then again Debs not too happy working for Elway.

Back in Miami, Dex, Hannah, Zach and Dr. Vogel have a little celebratory dinner over the (not so) good doctors house. She admits she didn't think people like Dexter and Hannah could have real feelings for each other. Somebody, Vogel or Harry, says that maybe Dexter loves Hannah more than killing. Later that night Dex drops Hannah off at her hotel and gives her her new documents. He fake tries to leave. She really stops him. They have sex. There is a lot of naked Michael C. Hall butt. So if that's your thing- there it is! Sadly, no Yvonne Strahovski rear, but beggars can't be choosers.

Dex returns home the next day...or maybe later that night...I don't remember to find Zach in his apartment. One problem - Zach has been killed - brain surgeon style. Cut to Dr. Vogel holding a little piece of Zachs brain. That creepy little bitch. Just where we were starting to like Zach. Dex disposes of the body the only way he knows how- by dumping it in the bay. The next morning, as Hannah is just about to board her charter, Dex runs up and begs her to stay with him. What timing...and how sweet. End episode.

Elsewhere - Not much really. Masukas daughter decided to take that job created for her. Turns out she's a bit of a new age freaky deaky....Quinn and Jamie fight about Deb (what else is new)...Deb is feeling rather nostalgic about her Miami Metro time...that's about it

So after a couple weeks of shuffling the deck chairs, needing to reset things so they could reintroduce Hannah, the show finally found its sea legs again. A couple of weeks ago I was of the single mindset that Dexter had to die. Whether it was Deb or maybe if Quinn suddenly got smarter, I didn't care how, but Dex had to die. Now though, after this episode and seeing the chemistry he and Hannah have, I could see them running off somewhere. Then again, that could just make it even more tragic if he did die. Very good episode this week. Four more episodes, we've reached the two thirds point of the season, so what do you think will happen to Dexter?

That's it for this week. Thanks for reading  and "enjoy every sandwich."

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