Dexter S:8 E:7 Dress Code

Last Week On Dexter : SHE came back...that is all (not really) all about it here.

This Week On Dexter : Dex awakens in the middle of a field hell bent on one thing - finding Hannah and getting some answers. But before he can do any of that the phone rings, first it's Vogel, (who is slowly it seems becoming a tertiary character) then Deb, so Dex boots Vogel and takes Debs call. Deb quickly deduces that Hannah is back in town, something that would have taken Quinn four or five episodes to figure out. Deb chastises Dex for not killing her the first time. He promises to get to the bottom of the whole situation.

Being Dex, he easily finds Hannah. Confronting her, he learns that she's created a whole new life for herself by marrying casino mogul Miles Foster (Julian Sands!). Foster with his money and connections, helps Hannah hide her past, in return all he wants is her never ending devotion. Ever the pragmatist, Hannah is okay with this - for a while. She confides in Dexter that her whole reason for returning to Miami is to get Dex to kill Miles becasue not only is he rich he's also a controlling asshole. She finally confesses she backed off becasue she still loves Dex.

This little revelation makes Dex go weak at the knees, as he's been pining for Hannah ever since she  escaped from prison. The whole situation makes Deb sick to her stomach. Making it worse for Deb is the fact that Harrison also appears to be under Hannah's spell. Hey Deb, it's a common problem, I must confess.

Unfortunately for Dex, Deb and Hannah aren't his only problems. The decision to not to kill Zach Hamilton may not have been the smartest. Zach, unlike Dexter has no patience. Despite Dexters warnings, Zach refuses to listen and just want's to kill. Dex goes to Vogel who states the obvious, that Zach could be more trouble than he's worth. She did a 180 pretty damn quick huh? She reminds Dexter that he waited years before his first kill - Zach has already had his. His dark passenger has awakened.

Zach is pretty out of control. He tries to visit Dex at his house. After being scolded by Dexter, he tries again later. Dex's neighbor, who apparently still likes him, tells him to quit the banging and settle down. That's apparently enough to get her ticket to the morgue punched. She's found bludgeoned in her apartment. Clearly a Hamilton killing - which Dex figures out pretty quickly.

He can't deal with Zach yet though as he is attacked by Hannahs husbands thugs in the alley behind his apartment (or some reasonable facsimile of). Pissed, he stakes out Miles' boat. He makes his move only to find that he's too late. After he started abusing her again, Hannah has killed Miles. Together, Dex and Hannah dispose of the body - all within plain view of Deb, who has wasted no opportunity to tell Dex exactly how she feels about Hannah.

Elsewhere - Elway (SPF, Sean Patrick Flanery) confronted Deb about her being a bitch. She apologizes. He want's to bang her. She plays hard to get. If only he'd been six episodes earlier and had an ounce of coke, he'd have been in...Masuka and his daughter make up. He goes to visit her at work. Work happens to be a topless sports bar. Concerned, Vince asks Batista to create a job he can give to Niki. He agrees but she's not too keen on the whole idea though.

So Hannahs back and is now husband free. Where this will lead with Dex is anyones guess (my guess is to bed, but that's just me). Deb clearly has it out for Hannah, and who can blame her after the whole attempted murder thing last season....Zach clearly needs to be dealt with. Will Dex follow his own instincts or let Vogel continue to talk him out of killing him...Food for thought: What if Dex isn't really a psychopath? What if he is the way he is only because Vogel and Harry taught him to be that way? Hmmm...

That's it for this week. Thanks for reading  and "enjoy every sandwich."

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