Dexter S:8 E:6 " A Little Reflection"

Last Week On Dexter : Good bye Brain Surgeon. Hello Zach Hamilton. Vogel, Dex, and Deb bond over homicide. How nice.

This Week On Dexter : After seeing him at a couple of crime scenes Dex is convinced that Zach is the one who killed his fathers lover/maid. Zach starts asking Dex some questions and Dex takes him into his confidence. Keep your friends lose and your enemies closer, I guess. Zach is more than willing to open up to Dex about his love of blood and the pictures he takes of it. Dex continues his recon - hoping to find Zach hot on the trail of his next victim. What he finds though, Zach under the care of Dr. Vogel, is enough to send his blood boiling again.

He angrily confronts her. She admits everything and sort of bitch slaps Dexter back into place. Dexter starts pushing back, leading Vogel to wonder if she might try to teach the code to young Zach instead. Dex disagrees and continues his hunt for Zach, hoping to get to him before he kills again.

Unfortunately for Dexter, Quinn has also taken an interest in young Zach. Normally this wouldn't be a big deal, because Quinn is an idiot. However, he's extra motivated this time, thinking if he can pin the murder on Zach, he might make Sergeant. Dex tags a long with Quinn on one of his stakeouts. Dex quickly pinpoints Zach's next victim. Quinn is busy staring off in the distance. So point, Dexter.

Dex manages to track down Zach just before he takes his next victim. Quinn is also there but, he's distracted by the phone, so he misses everything. Thinking Zach is going to kill another young women, Dex focuses his attention on her. But....TWIST! Zach is out to kill his own father. Dex intercepts him and gets Zach set up on the table. Zach explains that he was only killing his father to protect his mother. This of course falls right into Dex's emotional wheelhouse. Thinking back that on what Vogel had mentioned earlier, Dex releases Zach and takes him as his young Patawan serial killer learner.

Elsewhere: It's pretty clear Sean Patrick Flanery (SPF) has fallen for Deb. She's o.k. with that, but is concerned that the murders, the alcoholism and the breakdowns may drive him away...Batista, on the strong suggestion from Deputy Chief Mathews, hired the lady who's not Quinn to be his Sergeant. Needless to say this upsets Quinn, who now believes Jamie will break up with him. This doesn't happen of course, because this insufferable storyline needs to continue...Masuka got the report back on his "daughter." Then, becasue he's an idiot, told her all about it. Guess how that went over?...that about it this...oh wait...THIS HAPPENED! :

That's right everyone's favorite (okay my favorite) Serial Killeress Hanna McKay returned. She poisons Dex and Deb at the end of the episode, revealing herself just before Dex passes out...

That really is it for this week....As always :

Thanks for reading...and "Enjoy Every Sandwich"  

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