Get Twixted with Francis Ford Coppola!

Legendary writer/Director Francis Fords Coppolas long awaited latest film Twixt hits Blu Ray and DVD this coming Tuesday, but you don't have to wait until then to experience Coppolas chilling vision. Head over to to find some of the most disturbing images you will find anywhere on the web!...And You can be part of it! Simply hashtag #nightmare all of your most disturbing, scary, messed up pictures from your Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr account for your pics and posts to be a part of the site! 

In Twixt, Val Kilmer is a writer on a book tour who arrives in a small town only to find himself wrapped up in a murder mystery involving a young girl and a mysterious young ghost. Bruce Dern and Elle Fanning also star in this twisted, er, Twixted, thriller. 

Check out the trailer below : 

You can currently pre-order Twixt at Best Buy...and don't forget to share you own Twixted images at!

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