Dexter S:8 E:5 This Little Piggy

Last Week On Dexter : Masuka has a kid. Quinn could be a Sergeant. Dexter finds the "Brain Surgeon" and Deb is the worst kind of backseat driver - the murderous kind.

This Week On Dexter : Dr. Vogel tries to get to the bottom of the whole Debra/Dexter drive the car into the lake fiasco. Dex and Deb talk about their feelings. Each one is pretty pissed at the other one, but they decide to move on - for the sake of Dr. Vogel. Dex continues the search for Yates, the 'Brain Surgeon.' Yates however, is on his own search - for Dr. Vogel. But in this episode, everyone searches! Miami metro has gotten Yates' name from a victim Dexter helped rescue and they are on their way to his house. The race is on for Dex to find hi before they do.

Nothing to fear though, Yates isn't home. They do however, uncover numerous bodies in his backyard, proving once again that the general citizenry of Miami are the dumbest people in the world. Deb comes to to crime scene to find Dex and tell him that Vogel is missing.

Back at her place, Dr. Vogel puts on some Petula Clarke - a sure sign your something bad is about to happen - and sure enough, Yates throws a chair through the window and attacks Dr. Vogel. He takes her to an undisclosed location and starts threatening to break her toes one by one. That's sort of his thing. Different strokes I guess, not much of a feet man myself. But to each their own. Dex and Deb do their best to disclose said undisclosed location. Eventually they run a trace on a call Dexter gets from the house Yates has taken Vogel to.

It's Dex and Deb to the rescue. They find Vogel duct taped in a closet. She's fine. Dex knows Yates is hiding under the bed. he plunges a curtain rod through the mattress Jason Voorhees style to dispatch the 'Brain Surgeon.' Dexter better slow down, Miami will be out of serial killers pretty soon. Which of course begs the question - just how many serial killer are there in Miami? They end the night disposing of the body on Dexters boat, together like one big happy family. Dr. Vogel seems especially proud of herself.

The other big development came from a case being worked by possible Sergeant Quinn. He drags Dex along to interview a rich white dude who may have killed the his maid. Oh, and he was fucking the maid. Deputy Chief Matthews tells Quinn to be cool with the dude becasue he's "a friend of the department," whatever that is. The old guy tells them that he was banging the maid but he didn't kill her. The guys creepy fucking son though? He takes a certain interest in what Dex is doing. Dex is immediately suspicious, but Quinn doesn't notice because well, Quinn is an idiot.

They move down to where the body was found and start looking for witnesses. You would think they would have done that when they found the body. But who am I to criticize terrible detective work. The find a fruit vendor guy who puts the son at the crime scene. Rather than get the guy down to the station right away to get his statement, Quinn tells the guy to drop by later and talk to him. Giving the son enough time to, I don't know, buy off the dude? Which is exactly what he does. So Quinn is left holding his ball sack on this one.

Elsewhere : Masuka begins to suspect his new found "daughter" may not be on the up and up. He hires Sean Patrick Flanerys company to look into her story....The other detective chick, the black one, I don;t know her name, made a point of telling Batista how good of a cop she is and that she would be a good Sargent....Dexs maid tried to set him up with some chick from his building. It was pretty stupid. There is only one woman for Dexter. Her name is Hanna M. No, that's too obvious lets call her H. McKay. The still absent H. McKay, I might add.

That's it for this week. As always:
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