Dexter S:8 E:4 "Scar Tissue"

Last Week On Dexter : Dex and Dr. Vogel get another visit from the "Brain Surgeon." Vogel tells Dex that Harry killed himself. Quinn is the dumbest cop and now worst boyfriend ever and Deb is still really fucked up.

This Week On Dexter : Ugh, technical problems really fucked with this recap so if it seems disjointed and will be just like anything else on the site...Thanks for your patience, now on with the show.

Dexter keeps working his way through Dr. Vogels book. Since last episode and the rushed (episode wise, not kill wise) dispatching of a cannibal fitness guru, he's vetted an cleared several would be suspects. He begins the same process with Vogels former patent A.J. Yates. He notices some scarring on Yates' head and questions Vogel. She has a bull shit answer. He knows it's a bull shit answer and calls her on it. But he's forced to back down because it seems like Yates really is the brain surgeon.

Meanwhile Deb seems to have fallen under Dr. Vogels spell as well. She lets Vogel drag her back to the scene of LaGuertas shooting again and again hoping to get Deb to deal properly with the situation. She also starts showing Deb some of Harrys DVD's (no you pervs, not THOSE DVDs). Left alone in Vogels house Deb breaks in to Vogels desk and watches the last of the DVD's, the one made just after Harry discovers Dex's first kill and just before he kills himself - a fact Deb doesn'tknow.

Seemingly in a better place, Deb invites Dex out to lunch. He happily agrees, as the Vogel ordered separation from his sister is  eating away at him. She confronts Dexter about Harrys suicide which Dex confirms. Upset, Deb then tries to kill both of them by steering the car into a lake. Lucky for them a fat dude happens to be fishing there at the same time. He saves Deb but seems pretty o.k. with Dexter sinking to the bottom. Deb seeing Dex start to drown, runs back in the water and saves him.

Elsewhere : Quinn passed his Sargents exam. Well, that was pretty damn quick. I sense some chicanery. Mattherws is impressed but want's the black chick cop to get it. Quinn gets into a bar fight over Deb which makes Jamie very happy...not really. He fucks her later...that makes it all better I guess. Deb tells Quinn she's happy about him and Jamie for what it's worth....Masuka has a kid! A pretty hot looking college chick who he hits on before she finally reveals the truth. It was pretty damn funny.

That's it for this week. Another good episode as the Dex/Vogel/Deb thing  builds towards it's zenith...just in time for Hannah McKay to come back (hopefully...dear god hopefully.)

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