Dexter S:8 E:3 "What's Eating Dexter Morgan?"

Last Week On Dexter : Dr. Vogel helped Harry create Dex's code. Deb kills the more than famous El Sappo. Batista uses his keen detection skills to deduce that Quinn is banging his sister. Another of the brain surgeons victims pops up and someone is threatening Vogel.

This Week on Dexter : Dex is elbows deep in trying to find out who the hell is leaving little brain pieces for Vogel. He starts working his way through her book hoping to find some answers. Meanwhile Miami metro finds the body of the man they suspect is the "brain surgeon" with his brains strewn about his cabin. Angel effectively closes the case. Which is all good and well for Dex because he can now find the real killer unhampered.

Dr. Vogel continues to try to convince Dexter he is the perfect psychopath. She insists the "love" he feels for Deb comes more from his need for self preservation rather than any selfless emotion. Dex begs to differ.

Dexters guilt regarding the Deb situation reaches it's zenith as Deb continues her slide into the abyss. After getting picked up for DWI, Deb calls Quinn to come help her out. Quinn, being Quinn, lies to Jaime about where he's going. He drops her off at Elways (Sean Patrick Flanery) just in time for her to meet with a new client regarding her cheating husband. Quinn then calls Dex and tattles on Deb. Dex shows up at SPFs and forces Deb to go to dinner with him. He shows her a video of her saving some dudes life - which seems like a random thing to have on your phone. This fucks her up even more. She spends the rest of the day drinking in her car outside the Miami Metro station. Thoroughly sauced she decides the best thing to do would be to go and confess to killing LaGuerta.

Quinn tries to keep her away from everyone else, sticking her in an interrogation room and giving her a legal pad to write everything down. He again calls Dexter, who shows up with Dr. Vogel this time. Quinn leaves them alone, because he's a terrible cop. Deb starts freaking out so Dex shoots her with his injection thingy. Dr. Vogel : "That's surprising!" The take the confession pad and tell Quinn that she passed out. Quinn believes them becasue ...well you know...terrible cop.

Dex does manage to track down the dude he thinks may be the brain surgeon. The guy sells exercise equipment at a kiosk in the mall, a job that would certainly make me want to kill a lot of folks. Dex breaks into his house and finds a whole family in the guys freezer. The brain he finds however, is intact, and marinading in some garlic sauce it turns out. So this guy is not the "Brain Surgeon" but he is certainly slab worthy. It doesn't take long for Dex to get he guy on it either. He draws some parallels between this guy actually eating humans and his own consumption ofo the lives around him. Then he kills the dude.

Elsewhere : Angel tells Deputy Chief Matthews that he wants Quinn to be his Sergent. Matthews basically laughs in his face. Angel starts quizzing Quinn on the Sergeants exam. Quinn does not do well, which pisses Angel off. Jaime defends him, telling Angel Quinn is tired. This leads to Quinn being forced to confess the whole Deb thing....SPF makes Deb another one of his weird electrolyte drinks. He claims it will kill her hangover, but one has to wonder, he's a little too slimy for his own good.

So a lot more this week about what Dr. Vogel thinks Dexter is and what he should be in contrast to what Dex thinks he is and should be. Deb's descent continues and Quinn is still an idiot. Not a bad episode, I just wish that we had seen more of the stalk and capture of the cannibal guy. Literally it goes from Dex in his fridge, to Dex having him on the slab. It felt rushed. I know the Deb thing is the prevalent thing for now, with the missions from Vogel a strong secondary subplot, but it really felt pushed to the background and tacked on to a certain extent here. Here's hoping that the Deb shit gets resolved quickly and we can move on to the Vogel/Dex thing - which I think is the more interesting of the two story lines....and maybe some Hannah McKay? Maybe?...Please?

That's it for this week. Thanks for reading...

"Enjoy Every Sandwich"

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