Dexter S:8 E:2 "Every Silver Lining"

Previously on Dexter : Dex is alright. Deb is fucked up. LaGuerta is now a bench and a British lady knows Dex is the Bay Harbor Butcher. Read all about it here.

This Week On Dexter : Our favorite psychopath learns that it was Dr. Vogel, not Harry who invented his "code." She claims that she and Harry guided him through his formative years and made him what he is today. "Like Frankenstein" Dex replies angrily. To back her claims Dr. Vogel has hours of converted video tapes of her sessions with Harry. They detail Dexters growing proclivities and the different ways Dr. Vogel wants to "treat" them. Dex questions why she would suddenly show up. I wonder the same thing. Turns out Miamis newest serial killer has it in for Dr. Vogel and has been sending her the missing pieces of his (or hers we don't want to be sexist) victims.

While Vogel seeks to enlist Dexter to help kill the "Brain Surgeon" as Masuka has delighted in calling him, the killer claims another victim. We see the killers face and his modus operandi, meaning it's probably a red herring. Dex finds some evidence at the crime scene that points to a guy named Sussman. However before Dexter can dispense his own justice, Masuka discovers the same link. It's a race between Dex and Miami Metro to get to him first. But not so fast! It was a red herring (I'm so smart!) A dvd left on Dr.Vogels lap top shows Sussman being coerced into killing the latest victim.

Meanwhile Sean Patrick Flanery (SPF) wants some answers from Deb regarding what the fuck went down with Briggs. Deb lies a little. Then a lot. Then she drinks some orange shit and they go look for the missing jewels. Little did they know the Jewel of The Nile was right in front of them the whole time!  Seriously though, they bust into Briggs' place and find the storage locker location. SPF suspiciously bails on Deb leaving her open to an attack by El Guapo El Sappo. He beats the shit out of her, but later ends up shot to death.

Dex is called to the crime scene and finds El Sappo quite el muerto (I don't know Spanish very well.) He steals some bloody evidence, hoping to track down the killer before the cops do, only to discover it's Debs blood. He confronts her, bus she's still quite angry with him and blames him for her life going to shit. Jesus women can hold grudges! Quinn on the other hand thinks Deb might be able to help him with the investigation and calls her into the station. She has a bit of meltdown before Dex can rescue her. If it were any other cop I'd say they would suspect Deb, but it's Quinn so...

Speaking of Quinn, Angel knows he's banging his sister. Which is good, because I didn't want to have to sit through a whole Joey/Monica/Chandler/Friends thing again. Angel has one caveat for our Joseph though - he needs to take the Sergeants test and make something of himself. Joey is pissed. Dude, if there is one thing that I've learned in my years of employment it's if your boss tells you to go for something, you do it because they are going to make sure you get the job. But alas, Joey and Jamie fight about it (that and the fact he still has a thing for Deb.) Angel intervenes and it looks like we'll be getting a Sergeant Quinn soon. Unless Quinn decides he wants to start taking drug lord or Russian gangster money again, you never know. Someone has to pay for that Cadillac.

This episode (directed by Michael C. Hall) was fairly slow. A lot more was learned about Dr. Vogel and her motivations behind "creating" Dexter. Dex pushes back, still not sure what he wants - other than his sister. Vogel tells him "he's perfect." Turns out she may be the craziest of them all.

The rest of the stuff felt ancillary. Your typical early season Dexter episode. Set up the "big baddie." Throw in some jokes. Some smaller kills and hit puree. No Hanna McKay yet, which is disturbing, but it's only been two weeks...patience.

That's it for this week. Thanks for reading.

"Enjoy Every Sandwich"

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